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    NYAF 09 pics

    Hey, i was wondering if anybody here who went to New York Anime Festival 2009 has any pictures they'd like to show off! I have some i'll post here: I was the Renge cosplayer (The one in the yellow dress) Here are some more: Jskates4u's Gallery
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    KHInsider 358/2 Days Caption Contest - Win an Axel/Roxas Plush! [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInsider 358/2 Days Caption Contest - Win an Axel/Roxas Plush!
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    KHInsider 358/2 Days Caption Contest - Win an Axel/Roxas Plush! [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED]

    Re: KHInsider 358/2 Days Caption Contest - Win an Axel/Roxas Plush! I tried making one but it is REALLY BAD.
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    Namine's Voice

    I agree with Pheonex_Xion, Britney Snow sounded SO much better than Meghan Jette Martin!
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    What is a panel?

    Y'know, at a convention.. What is a panel? I never really knew what a panel was. I saw a video of one on YouTube, but I wanted what you do at a normal panel!
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    Who else here hates premium cards?

    I don't fing how they are helpful! Can't you only use them once in a battle?
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    My Demyx-David Bowie Theory

    AH! Thanks for pointing that out!
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    My Demyx-David Bowie Theory

    I was wondering if anyone ws thinking the same thing as me. Isn't Demyx very similar to David Bowie??? First off, (at least in his younger years) David Bowie's hair was just like Demyx's. Second, for any of you Labyrinth fans, in the movie Labyrinth starring David Bowie, in one of his song one...
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    Deviant Art

    Does anybody have a deviant art account? What do you think of it? I am starting to become a big fan of it! I like showing off my drawigs and photos! P.S. I'm sorry if it's in the wrong section! I couldn't decide where to put it!
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    Help/Support ► Should I?

    Violence is never good. What problems does it solve? Why won't people understand that!
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    How would you describe yourself?

    How would you desribe yourself in one word? (PLEASE keep it appropriate) Me: Obsessed ;P
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    About Re:CoM...

    I have it set on beginer mode :) and it is really easy! I'd have to rate it like a 4.5 or 5. It does help though if you have played the GBA version!
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    KH: CoM Game won't save...(GBA)

    I had a similar problem. I would be in Sora mode and when i would get to Destiny Islands i would not be able to save. It happened at least 2 times and i had to restart that memeory. IDK why both times it was when i got to Destiny Islands. It didn't happen in my other memory.
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    Kingdom Hearts II manga cover vol. 4

    Aww, that'd be cool if it came out today, or got to stores tomorrow because i'm going to the mall tomorrow! I'll keep an eye out, but there is no hope for sure..
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    Kingdom Hearts II manga cover vol. 4

    Wait, has volume 3 come out in the US already??? I havent been to borders in a really long time.
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    RECOM FOR ONLY 19.99$ at Circuit City this week!

    GRRR! I wish i had known earlier. I could've used that extra money! Oh, well it's still an awesome game and worth it.
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    Comic Con 2009

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section... So, i have some questions. My brother was telling me about a Comic Con in i think february 2009. I wanted to know if anyone had info about it, about what u do at cons. 'Cuz i really wanted to go to one dressed in my Kairi outfit. Can someone help me?
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    Yo, Sora

    For anyone who has gotten this far in the game: Did anybody else just crack up when u heard Axel say that. If i can eventually find the video i'll post it. Well, what did u think?:thumbsup:
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    How far are you in the game?

    I just started Twilight Town. I'm hoping to beat sora mode by monday!
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    Impassible doors in Wonderland?

    That's exactly what i did too! I was searching around for another door and i saw the plant and destroyed it, and when i went back to the door it was open!:thumbup: