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  1. TruestSyn

    KH Bring Arts

    So before the most recent announcement about Aqua, Terra, Sora V2, and Riku V2 they stated that Aqua was in Beta, Terra was in Alpha, and there was one unnamed figure in the works. I was hoping it would be Yozora and I don't mind them upgrading Sora and Riku (would be nice to get an upgrade pack...
  2. TruestSyn

    Original Characters in KH

    I was going to do this on my own time but I decided I'm going to make the list here. I'm not going to include any of the obscure characters like the guy obsessed with watching you Struggle because he's not a prominent figure. Side note- we don't know that Aegis, Magia, and NotLuna exist outside...
  3. TruestSyn

    Kingdom Hearts Talisman

    I'm not really sure where else to put this thread, but I just got my board game today and I'm really excited to be able to play it later this week! Has anyone else gotten it and how do you feel about it? Has anyone else painted their figures? I'm thinking about doing that and looking for advice.
  4. TruestSyn

    World Concept for KH4 and beyond

    So I just read the threads about second world visits and it got me thinking, what if the concept of worlds in KH4 had you visiting a world periodically. Hear me out: instead of a central focus mission, characters in said world (Pain and Panic, Athena, Hercules) would have missions that would pop...
  5. TruestSyn

    MegaMan Zero/ZX Legacy Collection releasing February 25th 2020

  6. TruestSyn

    Sora and Riku Bring Arts

    How should I pose them? I just got my Sora bring arts today and already had my Riku so I'm trying to think of how I should pose them. Two poses I already had in mind were: But I wouldn't mind other suggestions. PG, non-shipping poses please. I'm not a fan of SoraXRiku unless Kairi is...
  7. TruestSyn

    Making it public

    In light of new leakers showing up every day and the fact that I've seen enough of the game to keep me hype, this is where I say: Might come back post KH3 some time in February to discuss the game and will definitely check the main page once at the end of a month to look for new...
  8. TruestSyn

    KH3 gamestop preorder

    I need to rant. I have the PS4 preordered online from Gamestop. i called to verify, gave them my order number, and normally I don't complain about this sort of thing but they were out of country. It bothers me, because it didn't sound like any of the people I've spoken with were trained well...
  9. TruestSyn

    Full opening leaked on YouTube

    Obviously no links nor any description but someone posted the full opening and I just gotta say: It doesnt reveal anything that made me feel like I learned something new about KH3 plot and the full version of face my fears is even better than the clip we got.
  10. TruestSyn


    Kairi calls him Lea when talking about sparring, calls him Axel when she covers him to protect from darkness. I'm about 99% sure the one Saix was talking to was Axel and hes going to betray them again for the sake of trying to save Saix. Between being confronted by Xion and attacked by Xemnas i...
  11. TruestSyn

    KH3 New Trailer Speculation

    So based on what we saw in the trailer, what would you guys think if we actually end up doing a second visit to the worlds where we have to get back all of our friends? What if ol Nomura pulls the wool again?
  12. TruestSyn

    June 11th 2018

    As the title states, this was the day I received my confirmation email for the KH3 deluxe edition with Bring Arts. What day did you preorder your copy or receive confirmation of your copy? I also got my digital preorder confirmation on 7/6/2018.
  13. TruestSyn

    Families of KH Insider?

    Just curious if anyone else here is of the family sort and if you have any pets, children, or household items (some people are strange) named after the Kingdom Hearts series? My daughter's middle name is Alice, named after Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland series (not KH but KH related) and...
  14. TruestSyn

    KH 3 outfits

    I just thought of something that I want to discuss. We've seen promotional material so far that has revealed new outfits for several characters for KH3. Lea shows up in the trailer for the new Battle of X Heartless and he's still wearing an Org XIII cloak and his Bring Arts figure (probably not...
  15. TruestSyn

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Mix ++

    So I know we're all having fun theorizing what will happen in Kingdom Hearts 3, but I'd like to discuss today what sort of things we could expect from a Final Mix! Obviously there will be some things we cannot theorize until we have more info on KH 3, but I'd like to take some pokes at what we...
  16. TruestSyn

    Dark Cloud 1 and 2

    I'm sure that there may be a thread in here lost in the sea of ancient threads, but I wanted to bring it up again because I'm finally forcing myself to play these games through to the end because I love them so much! I keep getting frustrated with accidentally letting my weapons break on a...
  17. TruestSyn

    One (of probably several) obligatory hype post

    Between listening to Chikai/the demo we have of Don't Think Twice and looking at the beautiful PS4 theme (it's so much quieter than the ones you get from 1.5+2.5 and 2.8) I just can't stop thinking about how much I want this game. I'm going to get the physical copy with the Bring Arts figures...
  18. TruestSyn

    Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring

    Tell me I'm not the only person who's ever heard of/played this game? It featured FF 7 characters and a really cool dungeon crawler that had a very FF feel to it. Sorry if there was already a thread about this, but I didn't want to go through all the pages to find it.
  19. TruestSyn

    Dream Pleaser

    That was probably the biggest waste of time I've done in the entirety of Kingdom Hearts right next to the BBS mini-games each having to be played 3 times (Ven should ONLY have Ice Cream, Terra should ONLY have Racing and Aqua should ONLY have Fruitball but that's just my opinion). Now I just...
  20. TruestSyn

    Senran Kagura

    Sorry if this is a repeat thread but there are a lot of pages and it's hard to sort through them all. I'm a huge fan of this series in both gameplay and story (the girls are cute too) so who else here loves them some ninja girls? I guess here's an attempt at bumping the thread? I can't be the...