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  1. roxas001

    Im'a back!

    Well to anyone who remembers me, after along while, I've come back. Here to stay for now :3
  2. roxas001

    Happy Birthday Ta-Chan xD

    Heres a birthday thread for ya Ta-chan. Just making this thread for people to come and say Happy Birthday to you ^^ Once more, HAPPY BIRTHDAY XDD
  3. roxas001

    The Awesome UsagiOkami Fanclub

    This is the New and Improved Fanclub for UsagiOkami (formerly Kerobaroes) All are welcome to Join us for Parties and Pancakes xDDD UsagiOkami(of course) Roxas001 (creater UltraVen Ringleader Man Roxasisamazing Nero alphones224 xx kairi xx Aqualight Zeagal Blufire Cef Freedom Keyblader110...
  4. roxas001

    War of the Species: A Twilight RP

    War of The Species: Twilight One year has passed since Bellas turning and the birth of Renesmee. The story of the retreat of the Volturi in the meadow has spread through to the Vampires around the world, and knowing that a family could rise up against them, started to make their way towards...
  5. roxas001

    War of the Species: A Twilight RP (OOC and Sign ups)

    War of the Species: A Twilight RP In the 18th Century, people where plagued by creatures more animal than man. Those creatures were the Vampires. They wreaked Havoc for humans, keeping to the shadows then taking their pray and killing them. What humans didn’t know of were the...
  6. roxas001

    The Hunters Game: A Devil May Cry RP (Sign ups and OOC)

    The Hunters Game A Devil May Cry RP You've heard of it, haven't you? The legend of Sparda? When I was young, my father would tell me stories about it. Long ago, in ancient times, a demon rebelled against his own kind for the sake of the human race. With his sword, he shut the portal to the...
  7. roxas001

    The Amazing Fanclub of Cef

    The Amazing Fanclub of Cef Heres a Fanclun for My freind Cef xDDD Members Roxas001 Lancelot Kaos6 Showdown Silent Avera Alphonse224 Kerobaroes Ami-Chan Aqualight Nero
  8. roxas001

    The Awesome Ta-Chan Fanclub xD

    Welcome to the Ta-Chan Fanclub This FC is for my Good Friend Ta-Chan. She's so Awesome she cosplayed as Sakura xD Members Roxas001 DarkGuardian44 Bumblebee Daisuke_x King Sora X LadyofShadow Ringleader Man Ami-Chan Zeagal UsagiOkami Neku99 King Sora X Nero Aqualight...
  9. roxas001

    Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

    Hey all. Just wondering if you like TRC? Tell us what you think of it and all that.
  10. roxas001

    The Chi-Chan Fanclub

    This is a Fanclub for my Friend Chi-Chan (Formerly DowninFlames) She's quite well known around here and now a club has been made in dedication to her. Come, Join, and Have fun^^ Members Chi-Chan (Obviously) Roxas001 Showdown CuteChic4Eva Smartguy1028 Ringleader Man Frozen...
  11. roxas001

    Name that Anime Picture

    Name That Anime Basically, Ill post a picture from any anime to start this off, and someone needs to answer what Anime its from. Whoever answers Puts up a picture from any anime and people try to answer it. Afterwards it just continues in the same fashion. (Prefer pictures to be of Anime...
  12. roxas001

    The Degenerate of Darkness Fanclub

    This is the Fanclub For DarkGuardian44 One of the Many, Many people of KHI who deserves an FC. Anyone can Join XD Honorary Members DarkGuardian44 Roxas001 xx kairi xx King Sora X Diastyl Lumine Luna1017 Aliahya UltraVen Daisuke_x FireDragon Roxasisamazing Qster Clone...
  13. roxas001

    The Eureka Seven FanClub

    For Fans Of the Immensely Popular EUREKA SEVEN This Fanclub Is for all the Fans of the Anime and Manga series Eureka Seven. Anyone that wants to, can Join. Just no Haters XD *Don't beg for things, do it yourself or else you won't get anything.* Members: Roxas001...
  14. roxas001

    Anyone know any good Anime?

    Anyone know any good Anime, as ive watched all of mine and now i'm bored. Need any Ideas please XD
  15. roxas001

    Xion Theory

    My friend Shaun and I were discussing some of the theories, like how Xion is part Aqua and Maybe part Kairi, and how Ven was placed Inside of Sora, etc. What If she Isn't Kairi or Aqua though, what If she Is made from the remnants of memories that Left Sora when he became a heartless, those...
  16. roxas001

    The world ends with you fanclub

    Hey, Iv'e been Lookin for a FC for the DS game "The World Ends With You" and I wasn't able to find one so I 'll just make one XD So If anyone want's to join, just say the word :) Members:
  17. roxas001


    Just Wondering, when Xemnas/ Xehanort sent Kairi to DI form hollow bastion to see the reaction between a keyblade wielder and a PoH, how did he actually know that Sora/ Riku was the chosen wielder
  18. roxas001

    Axels Plan

    In the newest tralier at Jump Festa axel says this: Twilight Town. Roxas: The members in Castle Oblivion are being annihilated-- Axel: It's because I'm strong and also at Axel - Kingdom Hearts Wiki - A world of information not accessible by Gummiship, they have a part that mentions axel...