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  1. Square2

    Limited Edition Sony Walkman and Headphones announced

    Not sure if anyone saw this or if it's been posted elsewhere, but it looks like Sony has announced a LE Walkman and Headphones decorated with KH3 designs. It's on the pricy side for what it is and seems to be only for Japan at this point...
  2. Square2

    New Trailer, PS4 Pro Unboxing, and Gameplay

    Not sure if this has already been posted elsewhere, but a new Gameplay Overview video has been posted on the Official Kingdom Hearts YouTube page. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh6Pr2gSJfY&t=4s
  3. Square2

    Final Mix trophy questions

    Hey, guys, I don't know about the rest of you, but I am loving the HD remasters! It's all so.. so beautiful. Anyway, I had some questions about the speedster and undefeated trophies. First, for the speedster trophy, do the 15 hours include the time I'm not playing..? This might be a dumb...
  4. Square2

    IGN preview of Kingdom Hearts 1.5

    IGN has posted a 10 minute video, showing gameplay and talking generally about what the Kingdom Hearts series is. It's a good look into the HD-ified Tarzan world of Deep Jungle! What Does Kingdom Hearts HD Actually Look Like? - IGN Video
  5. Square2

    Cinderella Heart Station

    I noticed this in the PS2 version of Kingdom Hearts, but has anyone ever wondered why Cinderella has brown hair in her heart station? Its even in the HD remaster, so I was wondering if they chose not to fix it. I think she's supposed to be blonde... I think.
  6. Square2

    KH 1.5 advertisement

    Just saw an ad for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Re:Mix on YouTube! Super excited. Keep an eye out for it, guys!
  7. Square2

    SE booboo

    I was perusing the SE site, when KH3 showed up in the similar titles section. I clicked on it to see if I could pre-order, but I was taken to a login page. After that, I noticed SE misspelled Kingdom Hearts and Kingdoim Hearts in the URL. Nothing big, but I thought it was funny.
  8. Square2

    KH 1.5 site update

    Not sure if this is news, but it looks like the site has been given a makeover. The new homepage for KH1.5 is at kingdomhearts.com/home
  9. Square2

    When you are about to fight Rinzler on the Grid

    Did anyone notice when Sora appears in the disc dueling arena thing in The Grid, the announcer says "Combatant 13 versus Rinzler"? 13? Foreshadowing... Has anyone else picked up on other little hints?
  10. Square2

    Do Goofy and Donald have some kind of memory problem?

    I wasn't exactly sure where to place this, since it deals with both BBS and KH2, but I figured here would be alright. Anywayy... In Birth By Sleep, Donald and Goofy have been to Master Yen Sid's tower and even found Ven outside with the star shard. What I don't understand is how they couldn't...
  11. Square2

    Did anyone else notice...

    I haven't been here long enough to know if anyone posted this before, so please bear with me, but in my summer play-through of the KH series, I noticed an err during the Roxas intro part of KH2. It's around the part where Roxas and the Twilight Town gang are looking for the Seven Wonders, and...
  12. Square2

    Question about KH3D's ending...

    This might be easily answered, but I was wondering why Riku asked Xion who she was. Is it due to the fact that Xion appears differently to different people at different times? Or is it because of something else? o.o Just wondering