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  1. Stardust Memory

    Official Shipping Discussion | ships ahoy | sharing is caring: fan creations (fic, art, etc.)

    Thought these were cute, I ship them all even if they seem the obvious/less exciting choices 😅
  2. Stardust Memory

    Which kingdom hearts game is better Kingdom hearts or Kingdom hearts 2?

    Compare any Kingdom Hearts game to KH2 and it will be better. The fact KH1 happens to be the best Kingdom Hearts game, amplifies that all the more.
  3. Stardust Memory

    BBS the best KH game out of the series?

    Holding final judgement till I play it, but so far all signs point to it being the best (or at least, most refined) of the series in my opinion. KH1 > CoM > 358/2 > KH2 I'd be surprised if after playing it that BBS doesn't at least fall in front of CoM.
  4. Stardust Memory

    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    I don't know why some people are complaining that what was obvious was true. You don't have to be totally shocked by what happens in a game to enjoy or feel excited about it, you can do the same by how it happens. As it stands, BBS brings the most clarity to the series of any previous...
  5. Stardust Memory

    Subbed Secret Endings from Heartstation (now working)

    A secret ending that actually brings clarity? In my Kingdom Hearts? It's moar likely than you think. Great stuff, I have to say. Props to the person who guessed that it takes place a year after KH2, right on target with that one. Aqua and Ansem confirmed for the sequel and you can bet Ven and...
  6. Stardust Memory

    Subbed Secret Endings from Heartstation (now working)

    Second working perfectly too.
  7. Stardust Memory

    Subbed Secret Endings from Heartstation (now working)

    Re: Subbed Secret Endings from Heartstation Seems to be working fine now.
  8. Stardust Memory

    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    Re: Official 'Secret Ending' Thread I know each instalment seems to take an eternity to create, but that is seriously over-doing it :P That said, Kingdom Hearts is a cash cow, like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Square-Enix and Disney will continue to milk it for all it's worth for many...
  9. Stardust Memory

    Secret ending, perfect quality and WITH SOUND.

    While I agree (and particularly given the nature of the content) that this is most likely the Secret Ending, on what basis can you blanket it? Has this been officially announced?
  10. Stardust Memory

    Note in the Bottle [spoilers]

    If that ever happened (though I fear it would be too good to be true), the likely guess would be Mickey. It would fit in terms of the direction Nomura is taking the series and keep Disney happy at the same time.
  11. Stardust Memory

    Secret ending, perfect quality and WITH SOUND.

    He's in the secret ending before, but the implication of him meeting with Aqua (with the cloak) is that the meeting happens post KH2, aka, KH3. Not much more is known about how/why but we might find out more once someone translates the ending.
  12. Stardust Memory

    Secret ending, perfect quality and WITH SOUND.

    Braig keeps getting more and more mysterious.
  13. Stardust Memory

    Secret ending, perfect quality and WITH SOUND.

    Thanks! Now all we need is some translation.
  14. Stardust Memory


    I'd be inclined to agree, particularly as there was no time when he had the cloak before that he wasn't DiZ. Once we can confirm (with audio) or at least have a better idea who it is, I'm positive we'll see the secret video has considerably more lined up for KH3 than the bawww'ing earlier in...
  15. Stardust Memory


    How people can say this sucked without actually having sound/a translation, is beyond me.
  16. Stardust Memory

    KH3 prediction (BBS spoiler warning)

    Somewhat makes sense, but with Nomura, that makes it less likely to be the plan.
  17. Stardust Memory


    Hoping we'll somehow get an answer to the question of how Xehanort loses his ability to use the Keyblade. That aside, this is quite possibly the most epic final battle/conclusion to a Kingdom Hearts game yet. Never would have guessed LS would become cannon.
  18. Stardust Memory


    I'd like to think there's more to the story than the brief character summary in the OP's source. Unversed were a rather large detail to leave out mind...
  19. Stardust Memory


    Looks a lot more like Riku than Kairi. Makes a lot more sense too.