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  1. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    My problem with the storytelling that I hope gets fixed

    Is how there are so mnay original characters but they reduced to just being jerks/obstacles with barely any exposistion. This trend began with chain of memories when they introduced the Organization. You got all these knew characters, but you dont learn anything about them at all. They just...
  2. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    Birth By Sleep is the only KH game with a Git Gud community

    But unlike the DS GG community, this community is a bunch of smartasses who have never even played the game. Because most of them claim that secret bosses like No Heart have openings and telegraph their attacks, you can learn them and exploit their openings. Also, according to them, BBS is very...
  3. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    The decline of Kingdom Hearts

    Imo the series began declining after DDD. Thats when it became obvious that SE is just another money grabbing company. I was pissed off when i saw the trailers for that game back in 2011 when i was still in HS. The entire game was an excuse to reuse assets from previous games, it was the 4th...
  4. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    There is no way the castle in Radiant Garden is as big as the one in KH1

    I have been doing side comparisons using the characters as a reference point and the caslte in KH1 is definately wider. It hard to tell height difference because we dont exploere the RG castle but its definately smaller than the KH1 version. Ik the one in KH1 is augmented by Maleficent but the...
  5. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    BBS actually has some really cool things you can do

    I have been experimenting a lot with it and I have come across a couple of interesting discoveries. First, the Iron Prisoners in Mirage Area, are very suspectible to fire magic. So, if you hit them with firaga or related spells they will get stunned and you can keep doing it until you have to...
  6. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    Birth By Sleep has bad boss design or we just dont get them?

    Specifically Mysterious Figure, No Heart and Amror of the Master. Is there a way to beat these bosses without spamming and cheap strats? I cannot find a single video on YT of NoHeart without taking any damage. And all videos i find are either abusing shotlocks, rythm mixer or thunder surge. Now...
  7. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    How come Kingdom Hearts games (1+2+BBS) have so poor texture work on some areas?

    Atlantice in KH1, Olympusts colloseum, Neverland, Pride Lands, Lnad of Dragons, the textures are so bland and undetailed. Somehow, Sonic Adventure which was mad in 1998 despite its problems had so much more colorful and detailed textures.
  8. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    Spoilers ► Imo both Aqua and Mickey are not as good as they are made out to be

    First of all is Aqua. She fought with Terranort to the point that the later attempted to expell Terra but Terra instead of allowing that to happen he wanted to stay in his body (unlike Riku who got his freedom albeit being bodiless) and decided to drag himself and Xehanort to the Realm of...
  9. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    Spoilers ► Xehnaort losing cuz muh friendship is a lazy explanation

    Throughout the series friendship and bonds with other people have always been a very determining factor in battles BUT the characters still had to fight and best the opponent. It wasn't friendship alone, it required effort too. But when someone asks "How did Sora beat MX with x-balde" people say...
  10. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    I grew to despise 358/2 days over time

    when i was in HS, i played this game a lot. I enjoyed the visuals, the fact that you played as new characters, customization in the form of the panel system. But as i grew older, i found it really boring. Its basically a heavily watered down version of KH1 and plays even worse than Threads of...
  11. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    I think I suck at KH2FM

    I watched this player's videos: and realized that Im not as good as i thought. Look at how aggressive and fast their play style is. There is almost no pause between their actions and the enemy's, battles flow like water. Me on the other hand, I have a very conservative playstye. i play on...
  12. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    Birth by Sleep's biggest problem imo is how unbalanced it is

    Its not so much the interaction with the enemies, its pretty archaic in that regard and plays a bit more like a turn based RPG, which isnt bad on its own. The problem is that for 99% of the game there isn't risk. First of all, melding commands is broken because you can very easily get end game...
  13. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    Spoilers ► So where exactly was Terra between BBS and KH3?

    We know that Terra's heart at the end of BBS was contesting with Master Xehanort's for the ownership of the body. However, some time later, AX, presumably to attain time travel abilities, turned himself into a Heartless. Where did Terra's heart go after that? Was he under Ansem's control? Was he...
  14. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    Spoilers ► Terra wasn't stupid actually, he was pretty smart

    See, Terra figured out that if he controlled the darkness then there would be no reason to fear it. Of course that didnt go very well but it was still a valiant effort on his part. Riku managed to actually realize this ambition.
  15. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    Anyone else feel like they did dirty to Birth By Sleep?

    Imo BBS had the potential to be just as good if not better as KH1 and KH2. They hyped it up with a very well made FMV just like they did with KH2, the idea of three playable characters was very ambitions, they introduced completely new worlds to explore and the game was set up to be a foundation...
  16. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    The two headcannons of KH fanbase that have somehow become cannon

    -Xemnas is Terra -Sora is more agressive in KH2 due to Roxas' influence Both of these arguemtns especially the second are use to defend poor writting. There is no confirmed evidence that Xemnas was even remotely influenced by Terra. I have seen so many far fetched arguments liike Xemna's being...
  17. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    JFL at the level of mental gymnastics fans will pull to defend bad writting

    No, Mickey is a fucking idiot, he doesnt remember anything from BBS because the writters didnt care enough to make his memory consistent. Another case was not recognizing Xehanort at Ansem's study, and at that point BBS' story was written more or less. Its so annoying when the fan base will pull...
  18. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    Spoilers ► This scene was actually pretty brutal imo

    Riku, just a 15 year old, lost his body to Ansem, aknowledges that he f***ed up and now is a wandering heart in the realm of darkness. Notice how he is staggering in the beggining, he is trying to stay alive because if he stopped he could literally just disappear. Its pretty scary that a 15 yo...
  19. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    Regarding Birth By Sleep

    I have read that originally BBS was going to be a PS2 game BUT, because the PS2's lifetime was coming to an end, they moved the production for the PSP. What I dont get is why they didnt develop it for the PS3? Because it was obviously going to be a big and ambitious game already so why not make...
  20. MasterOfMasterOfMasters

    Kingdom Hearts 3 made me realize that maybe the franschise was never that good to begin with

    I was kinda disappointed by KH3. I was one of those people who were waiting for it since like 2007 and I was willing to buy a PS4 for it. Unfortunately, as the years went buy and I got more insight regarding whats will be in it, i started losing interest. Here is what I didnt like: -lack of...