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    Rubbish Racing

    Oh my god words cannot describe my hatred for Rumble Racing. At first I was like cool a mini-game that isn't an off beat "music" game. But then I get to the Mirage Arena, which for the most part I love. But why do I have to race over and over trying to shave 5 freaking seconds off my time just...
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    Chronological Order?

    Would it be worth it to play through BBS in chronological order according to the timeline? So it took me long enough but I finally started playing BBS (f**kin awesome btw) and I was wondering if having three separate save files going at once and playing through the worlds in the order they...
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    Did "Ansem" release Terra's heart too?

    To start from the beginning, Terra's body was possessed by Xehanort at the end of BBS meaning Terra's body now contained his and Xehanort's hearts (also Eraqus' heart ended up in there too somehow). So after that the newly formed Terranort gets amnesia, starts going by Xehanort, and eventually...