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  1. Ford1114

    Fanfiction ► Akane no Mai - Book I

    Hello everyone. I am a returning user that first came to these forums back around 2011 - 12. It's been a while, especially with KHIII already out and us celebrating its release alongside what comes next in the franchise. Anyway with getting active, I decide to promote a consolidated story...
  2. Ford1114

    Fanfiction ► Shinnen:New Year (Guilty Crown Mega Crossover)

    Hey guys, I’m here to show you a recent mega crossover fanfic (But this one is going to be my final story). This is called Shinnen:New Year, an ongoing Guilty Crown crossover taking place years after the anime, where the main characters interact with various fictional characters throughout pop...
  3. Ford1114

    Fanfiction ► Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms

    Well, I decide to show a crossover story coming from a guy who's currently at college. It is a reboot of Guilty Crown with the Puella magical girl as guests. It feels like a movie fic and averts typical crossover aspects. So far, I did five chapters alongside an interlude, there is going to be...
  4. Ford1114

    New York Comic Con 2012

    Anyone planning on going there next month? I just bought my ticket and wait to send to my place. It'll be my first time ever.
  5. Ford1114

    Name your dream eaters

    So did anyone name some of their dream eaters? Few of mines are: Komory Bat - Kivat (Kamen Rider Kiva) Hebby Repp - Snivy Drak Quack - Ryu Ran (Yugioh)
  6. Ford1114


    Sup, I'm new to the forums. I've surf at the place alot for interesting news and such as I recently decide to join. Yep, as always, I'm a Kingdom Hearts fan. Like most people, I enjoy the crossover of disney that inspire me to like the franchise. I'm looking forward to get 3D on the 31st. I'm...