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  1. Theart

    Nine Years on KHInsider And The Reflections That Come With It

    Well, it's not quite nine years for me yet- but it will be in a couple of days. Since I'm caught up with a bunch of things these days and forget to come online here a lot, I wanted to make sure I took the time this week to post about spending almost an entire decade with this community. I've...
  2. Theart

    Film ► Blade Runner 2049 (Oct 6th, 2017) | dir. Denis Villeneuve of Sicario and Arrival fame

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haXvp8M9Cog I was surprised to find out that there wasn't an official thread for this movie yet, despite all of the positive hype that's been building up for the past year or two. While making a sequel to Blade Runner always seemed like a bad idea to me- or at...
  3. Theart

    Here's to Six Years on the Wagon!

    Holy crap. I cannot believe that I've been here for six years. It's a very different forum than how I remember it being when I first joined, and yet it's still going strong! Glad to have been a part of this place for so long and hope to continue to be a part here! I always think of this song...
  4. Theart

    Anime/Manga ► Yurikuma Arashi - "The Bears Are In"

    So yeah, this just started last week. The general subs that are immediately available suck horrendously, which is a shame. This show has a lot of potential, especially since it's coming from the mastermind behind Utena and Penguindrum! The bears are in.
  5. Theart

    Film ► George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akX3Is3qBpw As a rather big fan of the second film, The Road Warrior, I've been looking forward to this movie for the past several years. It looks like it'll be well-worth the wait.
  6. Theart

    Film ► Christopher Nolan's Interstellar (November 2014)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BHpeLs8M3Q Is it just me or does anyone else think that this film could end up being Nolan's very own 2001: A Space Odyssey at least in terms of intelligence and sheer scope as a filmmaker? In any event, let the McConaissance continue!
  7. Theart

    Anime/Manga ► Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

    For awhile now, I've been looking for a new manga series to start following and I think I finally found it in Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. It's a much smarter series than most shounen series I've seen. I also like the atmosphere and tone that it has. It kinda reminds me of Fullmetal Alchemist...
  8. Theart

    Film ► Muppets Most Wanted (Spring 2014)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQiGyBiNjLI I'm appalled that this trailer has been out for over a week and I only just saw it last night. More so that no one here has talked about it yet. Looks hysterical. xD
  9. Theart

    Fourth Year Anniversary

    Four years ago today, I randomly decided one morning to join a forum that I had been lurking at for over a year. I'm not entirely sure why I finally mustered up the courage to sign up, but I dived into the discussions right away with a thread I started in the Future of KH section to speculate...
  10. Theart

    What If The "Kingdom Hearts" Series Was A Rock Opera?

    One of the common discussions that used to pop up all the time among the fanbase back in the day was whether or not Disney and S-E should ever consider making a film adaptation or animated series based on the games. The latter option was usually agreed to be the most realistic option, however...
  11. Theart

    Radical & Tumblr Feminists Disrupt MRA Meeting At University of Toronto

    First off, I'm only linking the video TheAmazingAtheist posted because he did a good job of including multiple different clips from the incident. I don't entirely agree with all that he said. Anyways, as others might have already heard, a group of radical feminists recently disrupted a Men's...
  12. Theart

    Film ► James Bond Franchise - 007

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24mTIE4D9JM Directed by Sam Mendes Daniel Craig as Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 Javier Bardem as Raoul Silva Ralph Fiennes as Mallory Berenice Marhole as Severine Naomie Harris as Eve Albert Finney as Kincade Rory Kinnear as Bill Tanner Judi Dench as M Ben...
  13. Theart

    Anime/Manga ► Magico

    It started either late last year or early this year. 32 chapters so far, and personally I'm in love with this series. It's just downright adorable and epic. A great breath of fresh air admist all the yaoi cannon fodder shounens. Seriously, me likey this one. :D
  14. Theart

    Found the trailer

    Sora Syndrome | Kingdom Hearts Fans! I went to Tokyo Game Show... It's low quality and there's background noise, but here's the trailer folks~
  15. Theart

    Film ► Alien: Covenant (Prometheus 2)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2YJ1jZbLLw The movie stars Noomi Rapace as a Ripley-esque character named Elizabeth Shaw, Charlize Theron is 'Veckers', a strict and mysterious "suit" type of character and Michael Fassbender is an android named David. So far, only one official image has been...
  16. Theart

    ~ <3 The NEW Sora/Namine Fanclub <3 ~ "A Star-Cross'd Promise"

    ~ <3 The NEW SoNami FC <3 ~ "A Star-Cross'd Promise" ~ Owner ~ Theart ~ Previous Owner ~ Smile ~ Members ~ Marly|Mari|Cissy|Neo|Phil|Freedom Ren|CerberusInferno|Organization_42|KAIRI_SUX|revarai20|Frozen Soul Soraschaser555|Mikoto-Cat|Takushi Rena|.Oji|Strifentine|Sora-keyblade...
  17. Theart

    Burial or Cremation?

    My apologies if this thread has already been made in the past, but it's a question I've been meaning to ask. We're all going to die eventually. So the question is, what do you all plan to have done with your corpse after you've passed. Burial? Cremation? Or perhaps something else, such as...
  18. Theart

    Fanfiction ► The Chains That Bind (AU Aqua/Vanitas) - Chapter One

    Well, I'm finally doing it: I've decided to finally post one of my fanfics here on KHI. I hadn't intended on ever doing that, much less posting it here before posting it on fanfiction.net, but I told myself that I wouldn't do that until I got to writing Chapter Four at least, and I'm curious to...
  19. Theart

    Theart: Second Anniversary

    Two years ago on this day, I joined KHI. :D I wanna thank all my friends here at the forums and say that I can't wait for the third anniversary~
  20. Theart

    Platinum Time~

    Well, this is it folks: with this post, I shall now have reached Platinum status. It's been almost two years since the day I joined KHI (the second anniversary is only three days from now), and I've finally done it. I suppose I could've spammed a lot, or post more frequently and carelessly to...