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  1. rokudamia2

    Do you think this game's Final Mix will be DLC?

    With way DLC has been going do you think kh3 final mix may just be an DLC expansion pack? Or like street fighter 4 it'll have a disc based version but if someone didn't want to buy the game again it'll be a DLC pack?
  2. rokudamia2

    News ► Toei, Disney and Marvel team up for an Avengers anime

    Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers Anime Made by Toei - News - Anime News Network Interesting. They said in the ANN article they're aiming for the digimon/dragon ball/one piece demographic.
  3. rokudamia2

    TV ► Sonic Boom (new sonic cartoon for CN)

    Felt this deserved it's own thread. SEGA Blog | Sonic Boom (Working Title) – A New Animated Series Coming Fall 2014
  4. rokudamia2

    Females in Kingdom Hearts: A problem that needs addressing?

    I saw this on one of the blogs I follow on tumblr and thought that it could be an interesting discussion. The Kingdom Hearts Info Block. I agree with this for the most part. Namine and Xion are the only female characters to grow as characters. I also think Olette is a great supporting...
  5. rokudamia2

    TV ► Gotham

    http://music.yahoo.com/news/batmans-crime-ridden-gotham-metropolis-comes-fox-tv-012325681--finance.html Wow, this is as blatant as you can get DC. Meanwhile a certain wonder woman is labeled as "Tricky".
  6. rokudamia2

    Ansem's apprentice's roles ?

    What do you guys think their role will be. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they helped analyze Ansem's data.
  7. rokudamia2

    KH1's early drafts

    Is there anything we are sure we know about them? I keep seeing "Chernabog was meant to be the final boss" , "the princesses played a bigger role",and "Kairi wasn't originally in the first draft" thrown around, but I'm not sure what the source is.
  8. rokudamia2

    Something in the trailer that may be important.

    http://25.media.tumblr.com/ef5d84e84f3f516718d21c8e91a82984/tumblr_mo7kl724Q31rsc1qno2_500.jpg This is master eraqus's keyblade.. Last time we saw it, Aqua had it. So the question is: http://25.media.tumblr.com/595b6cc213684f92205156bcabf8d75a/tumblr_mo7kl724Q31rsc1qno1_500.jpg What happend...
  9. rokudamia2

    Film ► Godzilla series - [symphonic hymning intensifies]

    Since the new movie comes out next year I thought I should make a thread about the series. About the 2014 film So what are your expectations for the film, and what are your favorite films in the series?
  10. rokudamia2

    Rumor: Nomura wants the last battle to be on the ps3

    According to 2chan in the recent Famitsu interview with Nomura about KH 1.5 HD ReMIX, he mentions that he wants people to prepare for the final battle coming to PS3 with the HD ReMIX games. therefore, it seems like KHIII is still coming to PS3. This means that there's no way that Versus XIII is...
  11. rokudamia2

    358/2 days makes Nintendo Powers top 285 best Nintendo games。

    I can't post scans nor do I think I'm allowed To, but it made 237 out of 285 gamest. TWEWY made it much higher, being all the way up at 51.
  12. rokudamia2

    J-Stars Victory VS+ - Coming to NA/EU in 2015

    No consoles announced yet. Interestingly enough all of those properties are animated by Toei and Licensed by funimation.
  13. rokudamia2

    Was anyone else disappointed with la cite de cloches?

    Most of the films most powerful moments(Esmeralda defending Quasimodo, Frollo burning the house down, and the sanctuary scene) all felt watered down.
  14. rokudamia2

    A queston about The opening scene.

    Was Braig correct on his guess about Xehanort faking his amnesia?
  15. rokudamia2

    KH3D Walkthroughs/Let's Play/Livestreams

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?nomobile=1&v=IrlMdnIm5Fk Apperantly some stores in europe( the uploaded mentioned Denmark) are gselling copies early. The video quality's pretty bad, the audio is clear.
  16. rokudamia2

    KH1 ultimania question?

    Does it say anything about Chernabog being the final boss,or was that something someone made up?
  17. rokudamia2

    Castlevania: mirror of fate (Lords Of Shadow sequel for the 3DS)

    Sounds interesting. I hope the get this right. Also I abridged the article.
  18. rokudamia2

    Something I just noticed.

    [/YOUTUBE]Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 23 - The World that Never Was 4/4 - Riku Final Bosses / Ending/Credits] (English Subtitles) - YouTube[/YOUTUBE] Young Xehanort says "Toki Yo Tomare " in his boss fight when you deplete his health, and he does that symbol health...
  19. rokudamia2

    kh3d ultimania scenario questions

    thanks to KMA on gamefaqs it's from the guy who leaked the ending. Possible full Ultimania translation. *spoilers* - Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Message Board for 3DS - GameFAQs Q: So, this time, the characters of It's A Wonderful World appeared. Could you elaborate on their...