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  1. Lonbilly

    Captain Marvel

    MCU Carol Danvers is a lesbian icon and the Queen we deserve
  2. Lonbilly

    Birth by Sleep in a nutshell

  3. Lonbilly

    KH3 confirms Maleficent is a Lesbian?

    You decide.
  4. Lonbilly

    Xehanort's 13th vessel revealed?

    Just to remind everyone this exists.
  5. Lonbilly

    Fear Effect Sedna

    I dunno how many people here are familiar with the Fear Effect series, but as someone who grew up with the games, I absolutely lvoed this series and have been waiting for ages for a third entry (which I never thought would happen). That being said, it officially has a Kickstarter up, and I'm...
  6. Lonbilly

    chuman was right??? - Expanded discussion on SpockaNORT

    Some of you may remember months ago when Chuman discovered that KHI was infiltrated by the SoD. http://forums.khinsider.com/forum-insanity/205354-true-seekers-darkness-khi-edition.html Some of you may also remember his absence just a short time later, after pointing out possible norts...
  7. Lonbilly

    KHI Lizzie Bennet Edition

    (because Incognito is taking a break from these) Anyone who sees my username: Incognito's posts in a nutshell: Spockanort after taking the KHI throne: Chaser and Taochan in threads: Tr3n fans right now: Sign reading anybody's posts: Chuman's return to the forums: When...
  8. Lonbilly


    I don't even own a Microsoft console and I'm hyped for this game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HK73orpiPA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrR4z45Rq6g Love the possibilities of this game, and the fact that it seems a lot of care and love is going into it.
  9. Lonbilly

    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    No one made a thread yet, and honestly this is my favorite E3 2015 title so far, so I had to do this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fkg5UVTsKCE This was something I didn't know I wanted but desperately need.
  10. Lonbilly

    Lonbilly's #BlazingSummer Writing Contest Entries of Entropy

    Since entropy = "gradual decline into disorder" I feel that is fitting for my entries for the summer writing contest as well as my life in general. I'll be posting my stuff here. And I actually plan on writing stuff this year unlike last time I said I would lol oops
  11. Lonbilly

    Imperial SaGa (PC)

    Remember that time when you asked SE for a new SaGa game, and every day you waited, hoping and praying that this pretty much extinct series would return? Well, SE heard. That's right, the SaGa game you (didn't) ask for is coming out for - the browser. uTppoXX4CdA The game is said to feature...
  12. Lonbilly

    Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness (PS3/PS4)

    I looked to see if the was a thread for this, as well as a thread for the series itself, but I couldn't find one, so I figured I might as well post one. RkJCYGVYxeo I've never played the series, if only because I never had access to the first one and wanted to start there, but I'm honestly...
  13. Lonbilly

    It's a bird, it's a plane, it's my username rising from the graves

    And henceforth, I have returned. I ghosted around for awhile (mostly to keep this user alive for when I came back) but it seems that, as usual with everyone, I can never truly lose the KHI that is running through my veins. So I have returned. Again. And I blame E3.
  14. Lonbilly

    About the Organization

    This was just a random question I had on my mind, but since Xehanort wants to recreate the Keyblade War and bring the X-Blade back for Kingdom Hearts and his other mischievous deeds, that means that all his 13 Darknesses will have to actually, well, wield Keyblades right? I mean, otherwise it...
  15. Lonbilly

    Regarding Secret Bosses

    Personally, I just have to say something about the recent news/footage we've gotten of secret bosses so far (I only know of the Frog Prince and Julius being confirmed/real). I've seen a few people complaining/turned off by the idea, mostly on YouTube (mistake #1), but frankly I don't understand...
  16. Lonbilly

    Why DDD shouldn't have an FM

    I'd like to start by saying first, the option is possible for FM, but it just seems pointless to me. Anyway, I was thinking about it a little while back playing a few games, when I thought about how a lot of games now in days (from what I've seen) generally never receive collector's editions...
  17. Lonbilly


    "Close your eyes," she said. "I have a surprise." Tainn always managed to bring big surprises every year for my birthday, and it seemed like this year would be no different from the year before - we had left headquarters during one of the free recesses of our schedules we had to follow, and we...
  18. Lonbilly

    The "Key of Sleep", Dream Eaters, and the Possibility of DDD's Plot/Ending.

    It's been a long, long time since I actually made a thread, let alone one relating to a KH-related theory/idea, but this was just ticking in my head so I figured if I typed it out and posted it to be discussed, I could finally rest easy. So, we know Sora & Riku's journey in DDD involves many...
  19. Lonbilly


    Augusten Burroughs plans new TV shows with CBS, Showtime | EW.com So Showtime has decided to adapt Augusten Burroughs' memoir "Dry" into a comedy series for the network, and Augusten Burroughs will also be writing it. I know it was announced awhile back, but I never saw a thread on it and only...
  20. Lonbilly


    So I recently acquired this game to see if it was any good, and surprisingly it's keeping me hooked. The storyline pacing seems a bit fast but that's not that bad of a thing for a DS game, and the controls are pretty nice. It's actually one of the Disney games that isn't KH that I actually like...