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  1. KingdomheartsII

    If you had the opportunity; what would you insert in KH2 Riku's belly button?

    I am contemplating between a Rolo or pocket lint.
  2. KingdomheartsII

    Instead of having one world dedicated to musicals...

    All worlds should have at least 1 song incorporated in the world storyline. I want to see/hear A Whole New World and Go the Distance. Also, no singing for Sora please. Make the Disney worlds Disney again.
  3. KingdomheartsII

    With KH3's announcement, let's celebrate!

    With a music video! Kingdom Hearts Reconnect - Overlap - YouTube
  4. KingdomheartsII

    Kingdom Hearts Reconnect - Overlap AMV

    Kingdom Hearts Reconnect - Overlap - YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB__v8L31Mw&list=UUQ_HYN2xm2s94XLnYIH0bFw&index=1 This took forever >.> I had to take a few months off just to get the KH3D clips.
  5. KingdomheartsII

    Wow, I need to update my deviantART.

    I post something new once every three months xD. Anyway, here's my deviantART account: KH-XIII on deviantART And to those who hate clicking on links, here are some of my work that includes an amateur photo of a pumpkin I carved, a shaded drawing, and a Monster's Inc. Keyblade for the KHI makes...
  6. KingdomheartsII

    Help/Support ► It feels like God threw up all over me...

    There's just so many things about me that make my life difficult to manage. I am very aware that there are people out there that are in a much worse condition than me. I've been depressed and exhausted lately from all the college work, family problems, and self-issue problems. It seems as if...
  7. KingdomheartsII

    I think it's quite evident that the final boss of 3D is Sora.

    Think about it. Riku transcends to light, Sora falls to Darkness. It's not rocket science, ya know?
  8. KingdomheartsII

    Keyblade Design

    Throughout the course of this series, we see a declining attention to detail in Keyblade design. I'm not sure why, but the Keyblades look more blunt, cartoony, and just plain too general splashed by colorful confetti and pixie dust. Excluding the character exclusive Keyblades, designs such as...
  9. KingdomheartsII

    Would you like Kingdom Hearts 3 to utilize Playstation Move?

    We've already seen the magnificence of TLoZ:Skyward Sword's gameplay with the Motion Plus. Would you like to see the same in KH3? I certainly would. I honestly despise button mashing. Sorry if there is another thread like this one out there. I'm too lazy to look. :wink:
  10. KingdomheartsII

    Who do you think was the first Nobody?

    In the TGS trailer, it shows Even and Ienzo laying dead in the Control Room with Braig being the 3rd visible victim. Who do you think was the first one to be slain and who do you think was the first one to be turned into a Nobody?
  11. KingdomheartsII

    Why do they look younger?

    I thought this was after KH2...
  12. KingdomheartsII

    Have you ever been called gay by someone on the internet for having KH in your name?

    Username* Well, have you? I know I have. Plenty of times.
  13. KingdomheartsII

    Did Nomura finally give up on Kingdom Hearts?

    The story is obviously not progressing and the recent games are letdowns (excluding BBS). Xion's whale scream was obviously a cry for help on Nomura's part.
  14. KingdomheartsII

    Man's version of "I like it on..."

    ~I like it on your hair.~
  15. KingdomheartsII

    Do you think King Triton's knowledge of the Keyblade will be explained in the future?

    We all know that King Triton's familiarity of the Keyblade was never clarified in any installments. What do you think may have happened? Could young Xehanort have traveled to other worlds and caused mischief and dismay? Could this be the source that erected the "World Order"?
  16. KingdomheartsII

    Level 1 Critical Mode

    Is it even possible??? I just got past the first Vanitas fight with Ven and it just seems impossible after that. Good thing Ignite worked on Vanitas...
  17. KingdomheartsII

    Fighting Game - Sora

    YouTube - KingdomheartsII's Channel What do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? Discuss plox.
  18. KingdomheartsII

    Cartoon Funny Moments

    YouTube - Squidward's Mom Gets Shoveled She gets shoveled good.
  19. KingdomheartsII

    Public Restroom

    If the restroom has a push-door entrance, I simply kick the bottom of the door to open it. When inside, I approach a stall and knee it open. With greater caution, I close it with my knee, slide the lock with my elbow, and proceed with my business. Afterward, I flush the toilet with my feet and...