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  1. Oran

    Nostalgic memories.

    As I sit here at six in the morning I decided to pay a visit to what was once one of my most visited sites on the internet: This place of course. I dont know what it was exactly but logging back in to this account gave me a rush of nostalgia of my time spent on here. So with that being said I...
  2. Oran

    An unexpected change

    So for my English I was told to wright a creative short story about a person undergoing a sort of change. I'm rather happy with the way it came out so I felt like posting it hear for all to read. Please tell me what you think. A dark apartment is suddenly filled with light as a...
  3. Oran

    So I found something interesting...

    So I was looking up some videos on youtube when I found an interesting channel keytotruth who does some amazing mod work in BBS and I found this video YouTube - ‪KHBBSFM - KH3D animations hidden in the game‬‏ Ya as you can see some of the animations from KH:3D was made in the BBS engine and can...
  4. Oran

    Re:Coded US commercial

    Re:Coded US commercial I saw the US commercial on the tv the other day and I could not find any news or vids on it so I figured Id share if you have a vid of it share it please and thank you