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  1. Somnus cealum

    Is it a spoiler if i want the other characters in a cutout?

    Just wondering if it's spoilerish. I really want to have a few of them as a profile pic and stuff but I guess it would be spoiler ish since y'all didn't put up the rest if the artwork...
  2. Somnus cealum

    The rumored projects talks.

    My opinion I thought that project oath was melody of memory and the next project is for the 20th anniversary since it was unreal engine 5. And hmk jumped to the conclusion of unreal engine 5 just cus the logo is a v and he said it was for verum rex lmfaoooo. I think he theorize to much and the...
  3. Somnus cealum

    My opinion about kairi and how aqua could make her a better keyblade wielder and character. and what other characters could learn from aqua.

    my thoughts are that kairi learning from aqua could make her stronger and more experienced. and maybe aqua could tell her/show her what to do when she could be in trouble or something. and maybe if she goes to quadratum she could be more powerful thanks to aqua if she needs to help riku and...
  4. Somnus cealum

    KHUX ► Has it been announced that the final update is coming this or next month? (finale part 2 talk) (spoilers)

    i really want to know when is finale part 2 coming. I think its cool that ephemer has masters defender. and i wonder who is gonna use the last pod. maybe ephemer because he has to pass down masters defender to get it to eraqus. what about dark road ep 4? or the next ep
  5. Somnus cealum

    If 358/2days and recoded was remade, my opinion about what type of gameplay it should have...

    I was thinking if these games were remade. days gameplay would be a mix of kh1 and 2 since it has both kh1 and 2 worlds and the combat should be like the 2 games. if recoded was remade, i think the elements of the gameplay could be a mix of recom, bbs, and ddd. since it has command decks and...
  6. Somnus cealum

    What did ur parents do or how did they react when you came out to them? And how do you express yourself?

    Some of yalls parents might have loved, hated, or did not cared about it. my parents on the other hand, MY MOM CRIED LIKE A BABY SAYING I'M GOING TO HELL AND MY DAD PUNISHED ME!!!! Like i don't know if other parents have did that, but i know one person who can relate to this and i talked to...
  7. Somnus cealum

    KHUX ► My thoughts about khux ending and the 20th kh anniversary game...

    I say it is sad that khux is ending and its the first game to have wreck it ralph as a world. and i also wonder if khdr is gonna still be gameplay or just cutscene. I had so many fun memories of khux and was really happy what they done for it. i do think that vanellope is one of the new...
  8. Somnus cealum

    Mods that i hope people will make

    Since there are mods for kh2 sora and his drive forms i would like his limit clothes to be on second form and valor form to be on strike form, wisdom on spell form, master on guardian form, and final on duel from or ultima form, and anti form on rage form but there is a model of anti form in...
  9. Somnus cealum

    KHIII mod to play as kh1 sora is here!!!

    2:06 Sora vs Data Ansem | KH1 Playable Sora Mod Showcase ... YouTube· ReloGP 8 hours ago I say they should give sora his old hp hud and his battle quotes, and maybe some kh1 keyblade in the mod, and that would make a Awesome mod
  10. Somnus cealum

    My opinion about kh3 prologue + playable characters + a potential kh collection(theory).

    I think kh3 should have had a better prologue like 0.2 would have been cool. kh 2.9(in kh3) is not much of a prologue to me. and i think all 7 guardians of light SHOULD have been playable and another game route like riku and mickey in radiant garden and in dark world. If they ever have another...
  11. Somnus cealum

    Does anyone play nier? and why is a nier replicant trophy transphobic?

    i need to know why people are saying that nier games are sexualized and that a nier replicant trophy is transphobic. which seems kinda weird and hurtful
  12. Somnus cealum

    E3 in june..

    Do y'all think that a kh game will be announced during e3? I hope so. But idk if it would be kh4. Too early for one. Maybe a side title or a remake.
  13. Somnus cealum

    What should have been in kh2 at least the final mix ver..

    Preview Preview 1:28 KH2 But it's the scene from The Manga YouTube · Napstio 3 weeks ago
  14. Somnus cealum

    The twewy anime has 3 songs...

    Twister is for the opening, calling is for sometimes for battle, and the new song ASCA "Carpediem" for the ending. im so happy what they did for the anime. what do yall think?
  15. Somnus cealum

    Even though my life has been rough for me, there is still a bright side about my life...

    I'm excited for twewy sequel and anime. some ps5 games if i get a ps5 watching new mods for like kh3 listing to kpop, jpop, cpop, and lpop and others. this year to me was starting out rough with my family against who i am..(actually every year since 2017 has been started and ended badly) but at...
  16. Somnus cealum

    My questions about twewy anime and sequel...

    will the anime have a eng dub? i saw a bunch of other funimation anime getting a eng dub finally so i was wondering if the og voice actors or new actors will be for eng if they have a dub. how much change is the anime gonna have yall think for neo?
  17. Somnus cealum

    TWEWY THE animation. where to find the full song of teenage city riot for the anime?

    i like the song alot and was wondering if there is a full version of it?