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    Never wanted to dance with nobody...

    But You. You'll get a cookie if you know where those lines come from. =] So, here's my 3 crap-tacular sigs. I know. They suck. Alot. And my text kills everything. CnC pleez.
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    ~Michiko to Hatchin~

    Has ANYBODY seen this show? It just came out recently ( only 2 episodes out ) and I must say.... Probably one of the best shows out for the fall season. This show has ALOT of potential and I hope it stays great. That and it's made by the same people who did Samurai Champloo and Ergo Proxy ;D...
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    ++Chrono Crusade++

    Has any one ever watch it or read the manga? I've only read the manga but I also watched the anime's ending. They're quite....different >__> But I have to say it's one of my most fav series. I enjoyed the art,plot and characters alot. It was fun to read ^^ So any fans out there? O.o
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    Noein and Tokko

    So yes,Sci-Fi is now airing anime [i believe they started last Monday with that Ghost in the Shell movie] but last night they finally started to air two series [does Macross Plus count?]...so,what do you think about them? Do you even like the idea of Sci-Fi airing anime? And if you're wondering...
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    The Hush Sound anyone?

    I totally luv them. I'm pretty new to them too so....has anybody heard/like them? They're not mainstream not that I know of so I woudn't be suprised if nobody hardly knows this band at all*sigh* Here's some of their music: =] "Don't Wake Me Up" [ignore the fact this is an amv ^^; ]...
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    Avril Lavigne....HAS A WHAT?!?!

    Ok,first: Linkin Park Courtney Love Paris Hilton Kanye West NASA ((yes! the space team made one too!!)) NOW...Avril has a MANGA??? Not kidding: http://www.avrillavigne.com/index.jsp?news_id=3676 To me,it doesn't sound any good. Avril,your a rocker....NOT a hero =[
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    Has anyone seen this movie yet starring Brad Pitt ((well,he's in the movie but not that big of a role)) My mom dragged me into watching this movie cuz its all about her being a HUGE Brad Pitt fan..but anywayz.I thought the movie was.... FAIR. The beginning was so dragged out & basically half...
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    The Killers

    I totally luv this band but since their NEW album has come out(am i rite) Is their CD worth buying then?Anyone listened to it yet?Tell me what you think... Also you can discuss anything of The Killers <3
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    ~Battle Royale~

    Currently I'm readin Battle Royale which so far,I think is a pretty interesting book. Has any one else read this book(or actually finished it?) Opinions???
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    Ok,this is a REALLY stupid question,but how do you resize a pic in Paint???(not actual painting,but the paint program that comes along in all comps) I keep reading on how to but it doesn't work. I have a full page pic but I wanna shrink it but when I do,it cuts off the pic & crap....any...
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    ~Bunny's B-day iz 2-day?!?!?!zOMG!!!

    Yepperz,its my B-day ppl....& I'm now 15(dammit,I wanted to keep my age a secret!!!!....couldn't help it ^^; )<3 Goodness,I feel old already.....j/k XD I dunno,I'm just bored & since I don't post here much anymore,here's the time to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! Bunny's gonna part-tay!!!!!!
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    ~I Don't Get It??????~

    Ok,I just finished watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children..... So,what wuz with the wolf in the movie???? I kept on seeing glimpses of the wolf & if u slow down the part near the beginning when Kadaj bends down & stares at Rufus straight in the eye & he sees Kadaj as Sephiroth & all those...
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    .:~Reno Fanclub~:.

    Gosh,after seeing a couple of scenes of FFVII:Advent Children with Reno,I suddenly grown to love him even MORE.He's just so freakin cute & funny. Any fans who adore him,POST HERE!!!!!! Reno Rules: -No hating or RENO haters -PLEASE NO SPAMMING,it messes up the fun of the club -anyone is welcomed...
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    Lucky Number Slevin

    Did anybody see this movie? Man! I thought it was great. I thought the movie would be stupid since I never saw the preview & all. My mom dragged me into seeing it with her & as soon as that movie ended.....I was like wow. Though I felt bad for the main character dude & all. That movie really...
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    Fanfiction ► *~~Loves Me, Not~~*

    Summary: Boy meets Girl,Girl meets Boy,they fall in love & become a couple, TYPICAL. But what happens when a long time friend of your lover comes back from years & years to destroy your life,friends..............AND RELATIONSHIP? Sometimes we need to know who our REAL friends ARE,& who's not...
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    The Count Of Monte Cristo

    Has, any1 read this book? Is it good cuz I'm going 2 English 2 Honors in 10th grade next year & I have to do this summer reading thing & we all have to read this book for some odd reason. I just wanna know if its good or if its not so that way I can prepare for the better or for the worst ^^...
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    Absolute Boyfriend

    Er...I'm not sure there wuz a thread about this b4,but...who cares for now. Yeah,I just got the manga & it wuz pretty good. Ah...Night is so smexy. Has anyone else read it yet?(could be both from Shojo Beat or manga book) Heh,I wouldn't be suprised if no1 really know what it is...since it's...
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    Final Fantasy: Mixed in Balamb Series

    Okay....since I mentioned it in my other KH parody thread....here's the other set of vid's that I found but based on FF.Bit by bit,I'll update cuz there are mutiple parts to this thing & I need time 2 find them all.But belive me, u will have a GOOD laugh, so enjoy pleez ^_^ CAUTION: There will...
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    The Kingdom Hearts Chronicles

    Yes...many of u KH fan have probably seen this Parody KH video...but WAIT!!! They finally made a SEQUEL!!!! MUST WATCH!!! *NOTE* There MIGHT be 1 or 2 pop-ups but nothin harmful ^_^ For ppl who haven't seen the First vid: http://www.flashplayer.com/animation/thekingdomheartschronicles.html Teh...
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    Fanfiction ► *~*DreamScape*~*

    Okay.....I haven't wrote fanfics like for 2yrs(on another site)but now I'm back & this will be my FIRST fanfic on this forum...so take it easy. If it sux,I'll stop, but if u ppl like,I'll continue. This has NOTHING to deal with KH & ALL characters belong to me so NO COPYING....this is based on a...