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  1. kingdomkey96

    Help/Support ► Tough education/job/life related decisions.

    Recently, it occurred to me that I have to make a ton of important decisions in the coming year. Basically in my country's school system, in a year I'm going to have to choose the 3 subjects I'd like to study. I'm very interested in Math and Science so I've been thinking about choosing...
  2. kingdomkey96

    Freakin' spoilers

    Dammit the spoilers section for DDD is so tempting. I clicked on something for giggles and ruined a massive surprise. Urgh. fuck fuck fuck
  3. kingdomkey96

    Evolution In Hinduism?

    A while ago I (as a Hindu) came across the fact that evolution can be seen in the avatars of Lord Vishnu. From Wikipedia: So what do you all think? Coincidence? How would ancient Hindus have figured out such a thing? Thoughts? PS. This isn't about 'the gods of Hinduism being real', quite the...
  4. kingdomkey96


    I'm preparing for an 'essay exam' tomorrow by going through the role playing section. :biggrin:
  5. kingdomkey96

    I have been given the mark

    Yay I've finally reached premium!!! Loving the red letters :D (My attempt at a brief but somewhat emotional reflection) : Started a while back.....think I didn't spam at all after reaching 100 posts. Made some cool friends, met some chill people....got into like.....2 arguments? My love for KH...
  6. kingdomkey96

    Random Facebook Comments

    So I'm making this thread where you post the retarded/funny/insane/plain stupid things people post on facebook. Context does not matter XD I'll start us off 1)"a preacher told my mom that god isnt against homosexual rights...read ur bible principal of the theological college -.- gay rights are...
  7. kingdomkey96

    A masterpiece for the ages

    It takes a lot for a cartoon to impress me. However, the great political satire in this particular video is undeniable. The ever present, underlying message that human nature is the source of our problems is both something to be celebrated and mourned. Without further ado I give you: Lumpy cuts...
  8. kingdomkey96

    Life itself is nothing but an illusion.

  9. kingdomkey96

    Help/Support ► Is my PS3 spoiled?

    So basically I've always turned my ps3 off the 'wrong way.' (hitting switch at the back) Only recently have I started doing it the 'right way.'(touching the button up front first) Anyways there was a power outage recently that happened while my PS3 was on. When the power came back on, the...
  10. kingdomkey96

    I've come to the realisation that.....

    .....life DOES continue after Harry Potter. What the hell? This is not what I was told.
  11. kingdomkey96

    Magic mirror.

    Let's say there was a mirror that could grant you any wish at the minor cost of your life. Like the one from Yu Yu Hakusho for eg. What if I were to ask for immortality. WHAT THE bonk WOULD HAPPEN!!!!!
  12. kingdomkey96


    Figured this did not merit a GD thread. If you're born deaf what 'language' do you think in.
  13. kingdomkey96

    Kill the Revolution.

    LISTEN TO ME BY BROTHERS!! We have been invaded by strange ones. They have spread their filth throughout our glorious kingdom. They have risen and grown AGAINST our masters wishes. That is of course...the MOOGLE ARMY!!! They intend to kill our babies and eat them! Our intel suggests that THAT is...
  14. kingdomkey96

    yo mah peeps

  15. kingdomkey96

    you know man.......

    ....when I was 11 i was waiting for my letter to Hogwarts and shit but it never happened :mad:
  16. kingdomkey96

    I don't mean to be an elitist....

    .......but you're all fucking moronic.
  17. kingdomkey96

    "Satan's boys"

    I saw another member's signature, LLL's I think. Anyways it got me thinking. In the Bible does it say that when we supposedly go to hell, we are punished by Satan. If so why? Because if we did wrong wouldn't we be 'one of his boys.'
  18. kingdomkey96

    Sudden Question

    More and more I see people being pretty selective of when they believe in 'God.' Seems as if these days people who believe in a 'God' only 'acknowledge' It when they have some problem. My question, however, is mostly for non-religious people. I want you to think about a situation: You're at...
  19. kingdomkey96


    Okay I have found that there are quite a few 'atheists' on this site. Some of them even cause me to spend time thinking about the concept of God before I go to bed and 'allow' me to test my beliefs (guys like Orion comes to mind) That isn't to say that they've changed my opinion but meh...
  20. kingdomkey96


    This site has people from many different places right. Australia and England for example. So yeah I was just wondering if anyone on KHI is familiar with the 'gentlemen's' sport of cricket? Somewhat corny vid showing cricket in a nutshell: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5kUPIbINbE