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  1. Nazo

    Dark Road ► Concern over Xehanort’s character and Project Xehanort

    There is something that has been weighing on my mind since finishing KH3, has persisted through ReMIND, and now continues into this new Project, and that is Xehanort’s character.
  2. Nazo

    No KH3 at PlayStation Experience

    Sony have confirmed that they are not holding the PlayStation Experience event this year https://popbastion.com/2018/09/28/sony-confirmed-playstation-experience-2018-will-not-happen/ So, we can now safely cross this off the list of potential events for Kingdom Hearts 3 to appear at. Given that...
  3. Nazo

    Kingdom Hearts Mega XL Bundle?

    You guys remember around October of last year when that "Mega XL" bundle was leaked out? It's been a while since then, I'm wondering if that will be officially announced now since KH3 is on its way to coming out soon. Perhaps we'll get an official announcement at E3 alongside the KH3 news? It...
  4. Nazo

    All the enemy symbols fused together

    I've always wondered what it would look like if you took all the enemy symbols (Heartless, Nobody, Unversed, and Nightmare) and combined them together in a way that looked clean and cohesive, so I decided to take a stab at it.
  5. Nazo

    I scanned the ReMIX artwork from the Orchestra book

    Took the liberty of scanning my copy of the program to get a high quality shot of the full combined ReMIX artwork. Took a bit of Photoshop to clean it up properly, but I think it turned out nicely. If anyone is interested in using it for anything, here's the link. Enjoy :)...
  6. Nazo

    2.8 full cover art?

    Obviously the cover art for 2.8 has already been revealed. However, I have yet to see an image of the cover art in its entirety, as in a version that is uncropped and has the logo removed. The box art cuts off a portion of the sky and the ground beyond Sora's feet. I have seen promotional...
  7. Nazo

    Master Xehanort, Eraqus, Vanitas medals?

    I noticed that in Japan, when the Illustrated Terra medal was brought into the game, Eraqus, Vanitas, and Master Xehanort medals were added as well. However, the Illustrated Terra medal has been added to other regions as well, but the other three haven't. Do you guys think we'll see these medals...
  8. Nazo

    A Musical Tribute to the Xehanort Saga

    Hello all! This is something I've been creating for the past 2 years. With Kingdom Hearts III marking the end of the Xehanort Saga, I wanted to pay tribute to the entire saga as a whole thus far and all of the incredible music that has accompanied the series. I hope you guys like this! A...
  9. Nazo

    The 10 Year Wait for KH3

    This is something I often get annoyed with, but I do understand the mentality behind it. And that is "We've been waiting 10 years for KH3!" So, here's what I want to know. Where do other people stand on this idea? Do you really consider it "waiting 10 years" when Square has consistently been...
  10. Nazo

    Where do the Bugs come from?

    Right before you fight Sora's Heartless, Riku says that Sora's Heartless is the source of the Bugs. But then, when you finally meet up with Namine, she admits that bugs came from her adding the memories of pain into the journal. "I thought that maybe if you fought the bugs that sprang from...
  11. Nazo

    Someone please clarify this for me

    Okay, this has been bugging me for some time. I'm someone who has the KH lore memorized like a crazy person and yet for the life of me, I cannot quite figure this out. In the game, when Sora and Riku begin their Mark of Mastery exam, do they travel through time and physically disappear from Yen...
  12. Nazo

    Kingdom Hearts - Simple & Clean (Guitar Rendition)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPxsMN7rifY Hello again! Back with another guitar cover of a KH song, this time Simple & Clean. I did everything except the drums, which were recorded by a good friend of mine. Hope you guys like it! :)
  13. Nazo

    Kingdom Hearts Dearly Beloved (Guitar Rendition)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bD_W85UkjD4 Hello all. This is a metal rendition of Dearly Beloved. Would love to hear what you all think. And for those of you who hear "metal" and shudder, fear not. This is entirely instrumental. Hope you guys like it :)
  14. Nazo

    So let me get this straight...

    There's one scene in particular that still troubles me in Re:coded. That scene is the one right before Namine shows Sora all of the people connected to his heart who are hurting. But the part that confuses me is where Namine says that "Sora needed to learn how to deal with hurt." So, all the...
  15. Nazo

    Sora and Kairi

    Look, anyone who's played only just the first Kingdom Hearts doesn't have to be too smart to understand that Sora and Kairi are an item waiting to happen. It was nudged at a lot more in KH2, but we have yet to see a proper handling of the relationship between these two, and in my opinion...
  16. Nazo

    Changing thread names

    I remember I changed a thread name a while back but I can't remember if I have to ask a mod or if it's possible to do it yourself. So, anybody know? Cause I need a thread name changed.
  17. Nazo


    There's no denying it. Disciple has brought a new definition to the Christian rock genre. They're my favorite religious band no doubt. They have just enough of that sick rock edge to their music and instrumentation without going too heavy to be considered metal (which I also love, but in my...
  18. Nazo


    Okay, so I've been hearing all about Patapon lately seeing as Patapon 2 is out now. I've read up on the first Patapon, but I really can't decide wether to get it or not until I get some more in depth explanation of exactly how the game works. Information preez.
  19. Nazo

    Heavenly Sword: The Beginning

    About a year or two ago, I wrote a trilogy of fanfics called Heavenly Sword. However, my writing style was a bit noobish back then so I am going to edit them, but in the mean time I have written this prologue detailing the birth of evil and the Fall of Lucifer. (Yeah if you've never heard of my...
  20. Nazo

    Scariest/creepiest song you've ever heard?

    What's the scariest sounding song you've ever heard? You know like a song that makes your skin crawl at one point(or the entire thing). Or something you listen to once and then never listen to again because it freaked you out? The only song I've ever come across like this is Down With The...