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  1. Heart Of Nothing

    Help/Support ► Hi Everyone.

    I know its been awhile since I've been really active, but I really don't know where to go. I really don't. I'm going through a really rough period in my young life, and I just need someone to listen or give me advice or something. idk. Well, essentially, I've had really bad depression since my...
  2. Heart Of Nothing

    Huge Plot Hole

    So as I was pondering this whole thing about time travel and how Sora and Riku traveled back to before the islands were lost to darkness, something occurred to me. If Sora and Riku's quest was to restore worlds that were sleeping Post KH1, then why in the blazes did they start their journey in...
  3. Heart Of Nothing

    What the kupo?..

    Is anybody else out there mad that we can't refight Ansem or the Anti Black coat? I feel like Ansem deserves a secret portal a hell of a lot more than Pete :/ I don't want to have to keep an extra save to fight them. Meh.
  4. Heart Of Nothing

    AR card help...

    Okay, so when I try to use my random AR card for Sudo Neku, Meowjesty, or the other one, I keep getting Sudo Neku :/ I'n trying to get Meowjesty. I've denied my Sudo Neku, i've restarted the game, but I can't seem to get anything else :/ WHY!
  5. Heart Of Nothing

    Help/Support ► Personal issues of a sort.

    Not really sure how to put this into words, so just bear with me. For the last few years of my life i've been all about worthwhile relationships. I've wanted them, envied them, and just wished my relationships were awesome, functional, and worthwhile. While none of them actually were, I've still...
  6. Heart Of Nothing

    Regarding KH3d

    For those who have played the game, can you play as Sora again after you finish his scenario? I know the drop gauge disappears for Riku after Sora's scenario is done, so I wasn't sure if you could.
  7. Heart Of Nothing


    In the KH3D OST, there is a track titled "Xigbar" so, does this mean that the Braig/Xigbar character in the game is Xigbar? If so, does that mean YMX went back in time and grabbed Xigbar too? Just wondering! Thoughts?
  8. Heart Of Nothing

    Food for thought

    So now that Ansem SoD and Xemnas are back, when they are inevitably defeated by Sora and Co. will they just reform back into another Master Xehanort? Or what? I know you guys can't really answer this, because we won't know until it happens, but what do you think? (: All this time travel stuff...
  9. Heart Of Nothing

    So, I just won an Xbox at afterprom...

    What games should I get? Or rather, what games do you recommend? I never really put much thought into what games I would get if I ever got an Xbox. Thanks (: Oh! And idk if it matters but I have Kinect.
  10. Heart Of Nothing

    Regarding Sora

    Okay, so while watching a video of the Final Xemnas battle in kh2, I got an interesting thought. While not so much of a theory yet, I was. Hoping might stir some theories in your brains :3 We all know the move where Xemnas says "can you spare a heart?" or something similar. He zaps Sora, and...
  11. Heart Of Nothing

    Randonnish Kh1 question

    So, why is Ansem SOD and emblem heartless while Sora, who released his own heart just as Ansem did, a pure blood heartless? I also realize I misspelled randomish in the title. My bad! I'm typing this from my phone.
  12. Heart Of Nothing

    Based on Xehanort's plan...

    Based on what we know from 3D, can it be assumed that Xemnas was looking for the chamber in castle oblivion to make Ven another xehanort? Considering the fact that a comatose vessel couldn't really resist the process?
  13. Heart Of Nothing

    Possible KH3D release date US

    Hey guys! I walked into GameStop today and asked about KH3D and preorders. The guys in the store said that they were told that it was going to release around the holidays. I doubt this confirms anything, but it's more info than we had before (I think). But hey! Feel free to discuss if you think...
  14. Heart Of Nothing

    LVL 1 CM Terra

    Okay, so I know theres already a thread regarding help for BBS, BUT nobody has been getting back to me. Does anyone know a good deck for Terra for the Olympus Collesium Tourney at level 1? I keep losing at the part with the group of Shoegazers (The boots). Any tips? Much appreciated.
  15. Heart Of Nothing

    Extra Decals?

    Okay, so my dad went to gamestop for me today to pick up my BBS preorder and when he asked for the bonus, they gave him a big bag of decals. I was just wondering, did anyone else get a crazy amount of decals? i got at least 20-30
  16. Heart Of Nothing

    Okay so...

    I just got a PSP 3000 today, and i was just wonder what games you guys reccomend. I already pre ordered BBS and im gonna get Crisis Core, Patapon, Loco Roco and Dissidia, but im just wondering, what else?
  17. Heart Of Nothing

    English Multiplayer

    Does anyone know if the multiplayer in the English version of BBS will work the same way as the JPN version using the Adhoc thing, or if it will be wireless? Thank you very much. Sorry if there was another thread on this. Please gimme a link if so!
  18. Heart Of Nothing

    Help/Support ► Girl Problems

    Well, I have this girl that im interested in, and im not sure how interested in me she is. I know she is, but sometimes she just doesn't seem like she is. Her friends tell me that shes really picky about the guys she likes, but apparently she really likes me. She just donesn't always seem like...
  19. Heart Of Nothing

    Re: Coded

    Re: Coded Well, as it summer, im sitting at home being lazy, and as im watching E3, it says that Square Enix will be talking about Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded. Any Thoughts on it? im not sure what to think. I'm kinda pissed if thats the game nomuras releasing that sora isnt the main character in...