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  1. Ruran

    Cartoon/TV ► Star vs. the Forces of Evil

    watch?v=kDoWhMt2_gs It's like Sailor Moon, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Steven Universe and Wander Over Yonder got together and had a baby! I don't know much about this show yet but the few snippets I've seen of it look promising. The only thing I'm worried about about is that it comes...
  2. Ruran

    Things You Want Expanded on in the New Saga

    KH3 is not yet here and with little information to go on, we're not left with much to speculate on regarding the future of the series. That is, we don't have NEW material to speculate on, but we do have over a decade and seven games worth of content, much of which will most likely effect the new...
  3. Ruran

    Character ► [ACCEPTED] Good Stuff in Here

    Here's my character~ This is my first time participating in an RP so I guarantee...imma be dumb. :D
  4. Ruran

    My Sketch Graveyard (Kingdom Hearts)

    Ruran 2008: "Oh boy! I got a new sketch pad and now I can practice my art work and be a manga artist someday! Once I get a few done, I'll upload them to the interwebz and see what people think." *later* "Drawing is butt hard. I know! I'll just set the drawings I haven't finished aside and do...
  5. Ruran

    Anime/Manga ► Bayonetta: Bloody Fate

    Wasn't expecting an anime. It's looking purdy so far. LxrIoffNzX8 Crunchyroll - VIDEO: "Bayonetta: Bloody Fate" Anime Trailer
  6. Ruran

    Ridiculous KH3 Wants

    -Dual wielding? PFFFT! I want there to be trideca wielding! (wielding thirteen Keyblades) -Make my dream come true of having the Everyone x Everyone pairing. Everyone must fuck. -I want Sora to ride into the final battle riding on Dragon Maleficent's back setting everything ablaze Drakengard...
  7. Ruran

    Spoilers ► Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMIX Live Stream

    Here you can find a live stream for KH 1.5 RM. Live Stream: Leta_jp Edit: Just got ninja'd with the Days stream, lol.
  8. Ruran

    What Exactly IS a Guardian of Light?

    Note: This isn't a topic about who you think the GoL are, it's about what defines one. I feel that I should emphasize this because I know how easily it can go in that territory and it can go on forever. I have yet to play 3D nor watch any playthroughs of it and the cutscenes I've seen are...
  9. Ruran

    Vanitas Broke my Game! ;~;

    So you know how every now and then a game has a really bizarre glitch? I don't know if anyone else has experienced this one but I'm fighting Vanitas for the final time as Ven in the broken Station of Waking and after I try Shot Locking him my game wazzes out. Ven keeps "falling" out of the field...
  10. Ruran

    PETA's Pokemon Black&Blue: Gotta Free 'em All!

    I'm...not entirely sure if this belongs here or not. If it doesn't I guess it can be moved or deleted or whatever. PETA made a Pokemon parody game that's rather interesting to say the least. Frankly I'm confused by it, I don't know if PETA wants me to laugh, cry, vomit, or all three but I was...
  11. Ruran

    Been Here Three Years Today (Happy Ruran day!)

    I feel old...yet not quite old enough. I'm middle aged. Let's celebrate my mid-life crises together! <3 *passes around alcohol* Children! Don't tell your mothers... I've also decided to make today an unofficial holiday. You're welcome.
  12. Ruran

    ~<3{The Sora, Riku, Sexy Rainbow Fanclube}<3~ Taste The Rainbow!

    To celebrate the the best trio in the series, Sora, Riku, and, you guessed it, dat sexy ass rainbow! Reasons: -Well just look at them! They look great together! -That Sexy Rainbow must've been there all of Sora and Riku's lives, chilling out by that water fall, watching them play and grow...
  13. Ruran

    Awesome Area Analysis: Hollow Bastion

    I love Hollow Bastion. That's the first thing I want to do here, proclaim my ever lasting love for it. When I first saw it I found it enchanting and foreboding at the same time and I loved it. I must've spent hours in this world just exploring it top to bottom and I do so with every KH game...
  14. Ruran

    Sooo...This Guy Built a Raft

    Floating along | The Demopolis Times See kids? It's not dangerous! :D
  15. Ruran

    Live-Action Ace Attorney Movie-No Objections Here?

    I've never played the games myself (maybe one of these days) but I still find the news interesting. Ace Attorney Games' Live-Action Film Confirmed - Interest - Anime News Network Supposedly there are some set photos floating around the internet already. Edit, Supposed Photos:
  16. Ruran

    Chances of One Giving-Up During the Exam?

    Since a portion of DDD will be Sora and Riku taking their MoM Exam a lot of people have been wondering who would pass, and/or,fail. Specifically I was wondering what the probability would be that one, or even both, would give-up during the Exam. Since we know next to nothing right now it's hard...
  17. Ruran

    The Rorschach Inkblot Test

    I'm almost well-adjusted. Yay! :D I took an on-line inkblot test and according to the all-knowing internet people I'm a awful, but some what normal person, who will never succed at life. *pats self on back* Online Rorschach Test [/LIST]
  18. Ruran

    Anyone Entering NaNoWriMo?

    In case any one has never heard of it, NaNoWriMo is a writing competition held every year during the month of November and the goal of NaNoWriMo is to write a 175 (50,000) page book in one month. It's somewhat of an indurance contest where quanity is over quality so trying to write the best book...
  19. Ruran

    Aqua's Level 5 Finish Commands

    Currently I'm playing with Aqua on Critical Mode and have all the finish commands except for the third one on LV5 (I have Magic Pulse 4 and Explosion already). No matter how often I tried using Magic Pulse 3 it won't gain any experiance. Is there some thing special I have to do to get it?
  20. Ruran

    Any One See Any Internet Advertisments Yet?

    I was just on GaiaOnline looking though the book section and saw an advertisment for BbS for the first time. It stated off showing the words "Destiny Is Never Left To Chance", some scenes from the intro were shown and when you click on it it shows you what's believed to be the t.v. spot. Any...