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  1. khandbz

    How many people are done with Nintendo???

    I am so done with Nintendo so I got a 3ds it was great especially when I got to play DDD, Re coded, and 358/2. Then they came out with the new 3ds :mad::mad: and i want xenoblade so bad. All heart broken and scorn I almost bought it and then I said forget it I'm getting a vita. The vita is good...
  2. khandbz

    Please don't troll this. Is Kingdom Hearts 2 the best game so far?

    In my opinion after playing all of them yes i like kingdom hearts 2 but kingdom hearts 2.5 will be my favorite after i play it.
  3. khandbz

    Should time travel be used in Kingdom Hearts 3?

    I think personally no time travel. Dream drop diastance confused me enough no more friggin time travel especially if its like sora going back to the bbs to change things. Just no time travel noooo.
  4. khandbz

    [FAN MADE ENGLISH DUB] Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX - Jump Festa 2014 Trailer

    Awesomeness has just landed on Earth
  5. khandbz

    Favorite Story

    its close with 358/2 and KH1
  6. khandbz

    Should Vanitas come back in KH3?

    I think Vanitas is coming back because of DDD thats just me but I still want your thoughts:confused:
  7. khandbz

    Do you think we should be able to change Sora's costume in KH3?

    I think we should totally be able to control what he's wearing!!:confused: Your thoughts......:cool:
  8. khandbz

    Should Roxas and Xion come back in Kingdom Hearts 3?

    Yes i think they should help Sora in the jorney. Maybe they should let Sora decide if they come back. Im just saying they were in Dream Drop Distance..........:confused:
  9. khandbz

    News ► Kingdom Hearts -HD 2.5 ReMIX- Announced at D23 Expo Japan!

    ooh sweet jesus yess been waiting sooo long for this and kh3 coming out soon i am so gonna cry now
  10. khandbz

    Does anyone go to

    I just wanted to know if anyone was from my school :cool:.
  11. khandbz

    Regarding Sora and Riku's parents

    For all we know sora and rikus dad and or mom could have paticipated in the orginal keybalde war but it could be my imagination speaking here but it would be awsome if sora passed the mark of mastery at like 2-3 because of his dad or mom. But im sure all these questions and more will be...
  12. khandbz

    When will 2.5 be announced

    2014-2016 the at latest :cool:
  13. khandbz

    Save Data for BBS in 2.5

    Thier better be god dangit
  14. khandbz

    Who do you think is the most annoying boss ever!?

    First Demyx god he got on my nerves i like my sitar and stuff boo Demyx. He had a personality though.Marluxia I died so many times on Marluxia gay self. Sephiroth Omg Sephiroth he is sooooo hard its annoying.:cool: But overall master xehanort will proboly be the hardest in kingdom hearts...
  15. khandbz

    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    same thing here laughing out loud:tongue:
  16. khandbz

    How did you fall in love with Kingdom Hearts?

    My mom was getting her hair done at my cousins and i saw my older cousin playing kingdom hearts 2. I was like what the heck is this bull. But when he explained it to me I wanted it. I wanted it bad like the guy you have a crush on bad. So all i said to my dad was i want kingdom hearts 2 and 2...
  17. khandbz

    If you could have a keyblade which one would it be?

    fenir,oblivion,and master eraqus' keyblade for me :cool:
  18. khandbz

    Who is stronger: Sora or Riku?

    i guess you can say that lol.
  19. khandbz

    Who is stronger: Sora or Riku?

    First riku gave up the keyblade yes i know the in riku darkness.Phsycialy riku is stronger but soras heart is stronger so equal considering all the games.Still and yet sora will catach riku because of his heart in kingdom 3.:cool::wink::tongue::redface:
  20. khandbz

    Who is better: Sora or Roxas?

    I love them both but if i had to pick one roxas because 2 keyblades double trouble.Don't get me wrong sora's tight to but until he gets 2 keyblades full time roxas.:cool::biggrin::redface::confused: