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  1. bambii

    Dark Road ► Dark Road Waiting Room

    Alright y'all, August is officially 3 weeks away. Place your bets.
  2. bambii

    Xion's Theme ~ jazzhop cover

    Hey all, I’ve spent the last couple years making Kingdom Hearts beats inspired by crate-digging of '60s-'90s tunes under the name foreteller, and I just had my first release (a jazzhop-ish cover of Xion's Theme) premiere at the March Caprice 2.0 fan event! Thought I would share it here for those...
  3. bambii

    KH Inverted Hearts (nostalgia-fest)

    Anyone else from the early days remember this fan demo? A relic of KH history. It would seem Churro has kept it on a hard drive for some 19 years, and it’s available to download again! Seeing this in action again is unbelievably nostalgic. I remember playing this and compulsively checking...
  4. bambii

    Dark Road ► Master Odin’s eye

    It would appear someone has managed to pop open Master Odin’s hood in DR’s sprite files. Rather handsome old chap I’d say: It was already heavily implied, but this pretty much confirms that Odin indeed has a missing eye, staying true to his Norse namesake All-Father, One-Eyed god. For those...