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  1. Ynahtnax

    My new keyblades.

    These are my new customer keyblades
  2. Ynahtnax

    My key .by:A\K.

    This is my incomplete castom key blade.
  3. Ynahtnax

    Flint's life . (A kingdom hearts fanfiction story ) by:Ynohtnax .

    Flint is one of the most powerful keyblade Wilder to ever live . But his past is not good at all . He got tested as a kid . This kid throo this botel of chemicals at him . Later that day he ran in to his uncle .his uncle told him to follow him. Flint's uncle took Flint to his house and pasted...
  4. Ynahtnax

    My tryforce thiry !

    My thiry is where the tryforce has 4 peaces not 3
  5. Ynahtnax

    My kingdom hearts fan theory roleplay. 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    A long time ago there was a ultimate version of the X-blade . It was split in two . The one you know as the X-blade . The other you probably never heard of , but it is called The Balance-Blade. It is stronger than the X-blade . You probably know the story about the X-blade already. Here is the...
  6. Ynahtnax

    Help/Support β–Ί MY LIFE IS TARABLE !

    I have a very messed up life. It all started when I was 6 years old . My mother tried to kill me ! And I im not exaggerating. I have lived with my grandmother sins thin . Now I have to live with my dad , but he is grate . I im starting to think I am a bad soun , and that I'm the world's worse...
  7. Ynahtnax

    The balance blade

    You know how in kingdom hearts II there is a different colored heart-shaped Moon been in birth by sleep so I think that there is another version of the x-blade out there so I made up a fan theory that I called the balance blade theory! it is we wear every welder that pulled a piece of the...