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  1. PikaPal

    Dark Road ► Dark Road Waiting Room

    Delayed because Xehanort is still lost in that dark dark road and the game makers are still unable to locate him since they need him for this finale. 😋
  2. PikaPal

    Dearly Beloved, Dearly Departed - the KH voice actors who are no longer with us

    Pat was fantastic as Ursula, easily one of the biggest highlights of the movie. She also voiced her sister Morgana in the second DTV movie and played Grandma in two Garfield TV specials.
  3. PikaPal

    Anime/Manga ► The Anime & Manga Dumping Ground

    Still sad we've lost both Billy Kametz and Kazuki Takahashi. They both were seriously talented dudes indeed.
  4. PikaPal

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - June 10th 2021 - Weiss Rises

    Yep, Caleb really has a lot to live up to indeed. But hey Bill Millsap's always nice to see and so is seeing Shaun Conde too.
  5. PikaPal

    KINGDOM HEARTS series releasing on Switch via cloud streaming on February 10th

    Welp, looks like it's double dipping time again for me.
  6. PikaPal

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade - June 10th 2021 - Weiss Rises

    Crisis Core Reunion sounds pretty cool and it's nice to know that plenty of consoles including the Switch is getting a piece of the pie. English VA wise it definitely has a lot to live up to ESPECIALLY Zack who Rick Gomez had some really funny lines that he totally nailed.
  7. PikaPal

    New Nomura Gameinformer interview. Discusses Disney Worlds, Quadratum, and Final Fantasy in KH4.

    I guess Sora is indeed the Ash Ketchum of the series after all, lol.
  8. PikaPal

    News ► Shinji Hashimoto Retires

    Shinji did a lot of stuff for Square-Enix so I wish him the best with his future endeavours.
  9. PikaPal

    Maleficent and Pete Never Should've Been a Partnership

    A few years later: 40 years of still searching for that one box, err, item, erm... thigamajig.
  10. PikaPal

    KH4 probable worlds

    Bob Hoskins for KH4... well a decent Bob Hoskins impersonator anyway.
  11. PikaPal

    Kingdom Hearts V-CAST Game Files Ripped

    "Sora, get us outta this hyucking awful game. We can't take it no more, we're at our hyucking limits, a hyuck."
  12. PikaPal

    What is the worst video game you've ever played?

    I weirdly have some nostalgia for this game especially with the character models that still made me chuckle. Still was more entertaining than the other PS1 Rugrats game I played - Rugrats in Paris which I thought was just really dull.
  13. PikaPal

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Awww man, I'm actually really sad now. Gilbert was such a great choice for Iago, can't picture anyone but him as the character. He will be truly missed.
  14. PikaPal

    Speculation: Star Wars in KH4 Trailer?!

    If Star Wars can make it in Kingdom Hearts, then I'm off on a journey to convince Nomura that the Muppets can also appear too. :ROFLMAO:
  15. PikaPal

    News ► Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link officially announced!

    Really looking forward to Kingdom Hearts IV. After years of the Dark Seeker saga, it's really exciting to see a new era of the franchise begin and it looks pretty cool too. The mobile game doesn't look too bad but I'm not sure if I'd even play it. I'm not really much of a mobile game guy and...
  16. PikaPal

    KH Shower Thoughts

    "Hey guys, errrr.... there's this huge giant shadow thing outside the station and errr, I can see these two people in black coats and..." "What are you talking about Andy? It's a common occurrence that happens here in the town. Now quick, get the tickets before we miss the big game."
  17. PikaPal

    KH anniversary day, what are you going to do?

    Continue Chain of Memories I guess. I finished Sora's stuff so now it's onto Riku's side.
  18. PikaPal

    Spoilers ► Black Box betting pool

    The embarrassing photo of Xehanort at the Organization's Christmas party.