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    What to name the next saga of Kingdom Hearts?

    This may seem a bit early, but I thought I might make a thread for people to come up with ideas and speculations of what the sage of KH games post-KH3, starting with Melody of Memory onwards, would or could be called. Perhaps something like 'The Foreteller Saga', or 'The True King Saga'.
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    What side games do YOU want?

    One that comes to my mind would be a post-KH3 adventure about Isa, Lea, Roxas, Xion, and Namine. Similar to 358/2 Days. Set either concurrently with or even after the events of Re:Mind/Melody of Memory, the Sea-Salt Quintet consider teaching Hayner, Pence, and Olette the ways of the Keyblade...
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    What if kingdom hearts paired up with Nintendo and cartoon network.

    Neat concepts. We’d see if Warner Bros would be up for that, and whatever company owns Nintendo, or at least adaptations of their games.
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    Hello there

    Hello there
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    Next Game

    So you mean like Castle Oblivion?
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    Post-KH3 secrets around the Roxas and Namine. (Theory)

    I surprised that no one else ever even thought up something on that last question. I hope and be glad if I'm not the only one.
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    Next Game

    When you say 'gets its own game', do you mean 'its own world in a game'?
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    How would you improve KHIII (and the whole Dark Seeker saga)?

    Since I've seen a wide range of thoughts from many people in the forum, especially regarding the final instalment of the Dark Seeker saga and its outcome, yet I haven't seen much of what could've been done better. I thought I'd make a thread for for those who would like to express their ideas on...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 Complete Leak Summary

    Honestly, I'm fine if Kairi or someone else does become playable, either in this or a future installment. If not, I won't be overtly bothered either.
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    My 20th Birthday!!

    Just yesterday, on 16th June, I've turned 20! Happy birthday me!:redface::cool:
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    How would you alter/improve the Kingdom Hearts series?

    ...Or at least any of the installments individually. I haven't seen a whole lot of threads about such, so I went ahead and made this. If there are any already made similar to this one, then I must've overlooked it and I apologise. Anyways, this thread's for any KH fan out there who express what...
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    Ideas for the Next KH saga

    Anything, story, characters, villains, worlds, weapons, titles, etc. Please feel free to post down your ideas in the comments down below. Thank you.
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    The workings of the Heart, Body and Soul/Mind?

    Warning: This thread is merely speculation, if I made any errors or so, just let me know and I'll try to fix it. In the lore/mythos of Kingdom Hearts, a complete person is comprised of three metaphysical parts: the Heart, Body and Soul/Mind. The Heart is made from one's light, darkness...
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    What's your favourite Halo game?

    Even though I played most of the Halo series, from Combat Evolved to Halo 4, it's not exactly easy for me to pick out a favourite or make a top list. But maybe you might have one of your own. Of course I must stress that any and all opinions here acan be valid. Anyway, please feel free to...
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    Would've the other KH characters be "half-animal" as well?

    We all know that Sora was going to be a "half-lion, half-human" in the debut Kingdom Hearts installment, right? I've been wondering, if they actually went this direction in the final product, would other KH characters be something similar as well? Kairi could be half-lioness as well. Riku...
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    Help/Support ► I attempted suicide today

    Blimey Muke, pretty damn harsh what he did to you. Is your mother around?
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    What's your favourite Silent Hill game?

    Please feel free to leave your thoughts, opinions and reasons in the comment section down below. Thank you.
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    Kingdom Hearts and autism

    Sorry if my thread's a little bit vague. I just wanted to see people's ideas and opinions thb.
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    Kingdom Hearts and autism

    If there were any Kingdom Hearts character out there that you think might be autistic, who do you think it would be? Please feel free to leave your opinions and reasons in the comments down below, thank you.