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  1. AmaryllisMoth

    In this new saga, Which of the main characters do you predict will play a pivotal role? and who will take a slight backseat?

    Granted I don't know the whole story about everything, but wasn't there actually a court trial where it was determined that the person making the accusations was actually a stalker and making it up? I've just heard from a number of sources that he was actually innocent of a lot of the negative...
  2. AmaryllisMoth

    My Theory about the 13 Willful Darknesses.

    I mean...I didn't mean to imply that the Foretellers would be the ONLY antagonists. And of course the Darkness will play a role. My assumption is that at least initially, the Foretellers are going to be set up as somewhat sympathetic antagonists similar to the Organization Nobodies. Either...
  3. AmaryllisMoth

    My Theory about the 13 Willful Darknesses.

    I was sort of under the impression that the numbers are going to be flipped this time around: 7 darknesses and 13 lights. I think the original intention of the apprentices was to be vessels for the darkness-- basically making themselves almost unwilling martyrs to defeat the darkness. As a...
  4. AmaryllisMoth

    Why do people ship Roxas with Xion

    Exactly. The game takes great pains to illustrate they are their own people and really should be treated as such. The reason I think people tend to ship Roxas with Xion or Axel is because he spends the most time with the two of them. The majority of the dialogue in Days is specifically about...
  5. AmaryllisMoth

    Idea for putting The Union X Player Character in KH4

    Yeah I was baffled at the narrator sounding like Young Xehanort because I'm like "...surely I am hearing things???" and doubting myself. All we know is that the narrator isn't Brain and it's a character we know, and I honestly can't think of anyone else who has that similar matching voice...
  6. AmaryllisMoth

    KH4 Star Wars Speculation: Only the Forest Moon of Endor?

    Not exactly about the Star Wars world itself, but I just had a crazy idea--- Because we know that Sora is from the KH universe which, at least according to the people of Quadratum, is somewhat considered "fictional" or...not 'real' in any case, perhaps they are going to be playing with the idea...
  7. AmaryllisMoth

    Square Enix Characters in KH4

    Honestly with how popular FFXIV has become in the last few years I wouldn't be surprised to see them pull characters from there (and there are quite a lot of great ones). The developers of XIV have mentioned that doing a kh crossover event in XIV would be difficult because of Disney, but it...
  8. AmaryllisMoth

    Does Sora have pointy/elvish ears?

    So I poured over all the official art that I could find and voila: Promotional art from KH2 which shows the tips of Sora's ears, and they are not pointy. However, I do find it interesting in some of the other official artwork, actually, quite a number of Org 13 members have pointier ears...
  9. AmaryllisMoth

    Connection between Sora and Yozora

    This is a really cool theory that I like a lot, but my only question would be if Yozora was originally Sora then wouldn't the nameless star have recognized him as being Yozora's original form? Maybe because he was still semi translucent though she wouldn't have?
  10. AmaryllisMoth

    Connection between Sora and Yozora

    I've got weird suspicions about this myself. I mean, I know we know that the boy we see in that trailer is supposed to be Sora...but...he doesn't really behave like Sora at all. He's very emotionless and stoic all things considered which is something that really threw me off when I first saw...
  11. AmaryllisMoth

    Kingdom Hearts 20th anniversary screenshots and logos

    Anyone else notice that the bottom command in Sora's action box in the KH4 trailer was "build"???? It was never selected, but I am very curious about what it could mean.
  12. AmaryllisMoth

    Spoilers ► Black Box betting pool

    The Black Box is called what it is because it is a literal "black box" as in black box theory. It is what is causing the universe as everyone knows it because it is reading input data of what it sees/what is around it, and is responsible for the output which is then what we see the KH universe...
  13. AmaryllisMoth

    Haunted Mansion/Phantom Manor World for future of Kingdom Hearts series.

    Honestly I think I would enjoy this concept quite a bit! I think the current Disney world formula we have had is a little bit tired at this point since so many people have differing opinions on how those properties should be represented, and a lot of people hate when they retell the movie...
  14. AmaryllisMoth

    Spoilers ► Don Bluth worlds…?

    I remember I watched that movie as a kid and I felt like something was really...odd about it. Couldn't put my finger on it. I think I remember feeling so baffled like "why is movie so...bad? Movies can be bad?" It was like nothing I had ever experienced before as a child since up to that point I...
  15. AmaryllisMoth

    My problem with the storytelling that I hope gets fixed

    While I agree Axel was heavily favored for character development, he was not the only one to get it. I will go into detail below. In some cases, yes, it has been stated that Disney contracts somewhat "forced" the plot of the world to be driven in a certain way. Especially with the Frozen world...
  16. AmaryllisMoth

    Spoilers ► question regarding Nomura's views on the story so far?

    To be fair I find it incredibly interesting that even the characters themselves point this out, which leads me to believe it's being done on purpose for some narrative reason later.
  17. AmaryllisMoth

    Even though Darkness has always been portrayed as evil in KH, but do you think in the next saga we might see some disturbing side of Light?

    I think it would be a fun twist. So far there haven't really been any "downsides" to light that we have seen in the KH universe, but it is entirely possible that we could find out there is a world of light that is just as harmful and dangerous as the world of darkness. Possibly they might be...
  18. AmaryllisMoth

    The decline of Kingdom Hearts

    I mean it wasn't so much an "argument" as a statement of facts. The truth is, if you started playing the NA/EU release of kh1 first you were already playing an advanced version of the game with more content. I simply felt it was disingenuous to ignore the fact that vanilla kh1 post-game was...
  19. AmaryllisMoth

    The decline of Kingdom Hearts

    Not super relevant to the conversation, but I did want to mention that vanilla VANILLA KH1 (aka the original japanese KH1 release) had basically NO post game to speak of. When they brought the game over to NA/globally they added such things as: -Sephiroth boss fight -Phantom boss fight -Kurt...
  20. AmaryllisMoth

    I think I suck at KH2FM

    Donald was dead so long in that fight against Xigbar that his perspective must've been like-- "Oh fudge is that guy breaking out a sniper rif--W...we won?"