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  1. Jesus


  2. Jesus

    Donald and Goofy are ASSHOLES

    So I've just reached Hallow Bastion and watched the cutscene where Riku takes the Keyblade from Sora. As you may have noticed, Donald and Goofy straight-up homie ditch Sora like it's no big deal. Now I know they had a mission to fulfill from King Mickey but that's just ridiculous. Keep in mind...
  3. Jesus

    Film ► Prisoners

    Ok hear me out when I say this; Let's hold off on Korra and BB for a second BECAUSE, this movie, Prisoners, is freaking awesome. Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhall are the main draws, but the rest of the supporting cast does a great job too. "When Keller Dover's daughter and her friend go...
  4. Jesus

    99 Dalmatians

    Is it just me or have the locations of the Dalmatians slightly changed? I'm running around Monstro right now and there's a chest that's supposed to be in Chamber 3, at least in the original KH, but isn't there now. Help?
  5. Jesus

    Do you really Hate?

    "Hate is a strong word" It really is. People take the word "hate" and throw it around like it's no big deal, people don't really get it. To "hate" is serious. To "hate" is dark. But I gotta admit, I use the word all the time. I hate studying, I hate cauliflower, I hate when a bug smashes on my...
  6. Jesus

    Terra's Lingering Sentiment NOT a Light?

    A lot of people the past few days have been speculating that Terra's Lingering Sentiment could perhaps become one of the 7 lights. Alright, while I personally thinking that a hulking mass of armor with nearly unparalleled strength being a "Light" is an awesome idea (a la Alphonse Elric haha), I...
  7. Jesus

    I'm back

    Ok, so after what seems like forever I'm making the move to re-acquaint myself with the forums and all its members. Some of you may remember me, until this past fall I was pretty involved in the site, and I was even a moderator for awhile until a combination of health problems and a lack of time...
  8. Jesus

    KH3D Official Strategy Guide

    Obviously, with the release of KH3D this month in NA comes the release of the game's official strategy guide by Brady Games. For those of you who've bought it, I have a question; Is it just me or is this guide severely lacking in comparison to previous Kingdom Hearts guides? The KH3D guide goes...
  9. Jesus

    Ethnic Woman: The Interview

    I'm posting this a little early because I may be too busy to do it later Enjoy fellow users ~
  10. Jesus

    The Reapers' Game

    Well my fellow KH fans (nerds) with all the information about DDD flying around due to TGS, we now know that Neku, the main protagonist of TWEWY, will be a cameo. This is good news, for those of you making those threads. You know what I'm talking about haha. Anyways, with the inclusion of TWEWY...
  11. Jesus

    Looking for Billy Zane, have you seen him?

    Alright, I may be late or this may have been discussed before/already known, but I've always wondered what the bonk happened to Billy Zane. I heard that he was blacklisted because of some movie he did that portrayed the U.S as bad guys, but I read that off youtube so that could be complete...
  12. Jesus

    Sora's a racist

    So yeah I was watching all the KH2 Organization XIII videos because I'm a fag like that and one of the last scenes shows Xemnas weak and explaining how nobodies were shunned by light and dark blah blah blah, whatever. But what surprised me is that Sora didn't really care, just saying he's was...
  13. Jesus

    Possible new addition to the battle system?

    Well I've been replaying the Kingdom Hearts series, and like pretty much everyone else on this site, I noticed how much of a button-masher KH is (I'm not saying I just noticed it, I just noticed it again). Anyways, the KH battle system consists of three buttons: the X button, Circle, Triangle...
  14. Jesus

    Sibling influence

    I'm the only male, besides my father, in a family of 4 women. Keep in mind that my dad usually works until around six and then dashes to random meetings whenever they pop up, this meaning that on the weekdays, I'm mostly the only guy around. I've never thought much of this until a cousin of mine...
  15. Jesus

    Nurarihyon No Mago

    So who has read/watched this amaaaaaazing series? I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread about it yet, but I guess that attests to its lacking popularity. It's just started it's second season of the anime (animated by Studio DEEN, which does, by the way, beautiful work) and I think it's...
  16. Jesus

    Mobilizing the site

    Today I couldn't use my computer, forcing me to surf the web on my itouch. Once I'd logged on to KHI, I realized that we don't have a mobile site which would make it easier for people on the go and it's a bit irritating navigating the site on a mobile device. So what do you guys think? Should...
  17. Jesus

    Gay college student commits suicide

    What I think is wierd is why the guy was even spying on him. For the actual article (even though I copy/pasted it all): Was Rutgers suicide case a hate crime? - U.S. news - Crime & courts - msnbc.com Thoughts?
  18. Jesus

    Leveling Up

    Well since there has been alot of threads about how one can raise their level faster in BBS, I've decided that we should have one thread that explains all the different routes you can take. I'm only one guy though, so I might not get all of them so if you have a different method, then just tell...
  19. Jesus

    I got BBS

    So you know what that means, I'll be on considerably less, but I may pop in a few times over the next 1~2 weeks. You may be saying, "Are you really going to be playing THAT much?", and I will say yes Yes indeed But as we all know, I cannot permanetly escape the will of KHI, so don't worry...
  20. Jesus

    Sxephil talks Kingdom Hearts!

    The online youtube personality, "Sxephil", spent a whole 5 SECONDS to talk about Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Watch the whole video if you want some laughs and a news update, but the 5 seconds of KH is at 2:45http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4pBfH5AAls&feature=sub This may be totally...