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  1. ajmrowland

    Huey, Dewey, and Louies voices

    I was just sampling some Japanese scenes and found it interesting how they all sound different, but in English, they're usually identical.
  2. ajmrowland

    What Grinds Your Gears?(a pet peeves thread)

    We all have them. Minor, sometimes illogical things that just rub us the wrong way. Could be a look somebody gives you, or your blu-ray player not cooperating, or something your cat does. We may not always know why, but it doesn't make them less annoying. This thread is not for long...
  3. ajmrowland

    So, what exactly is the story?

    I know it's a false version of the keyblade war, but I need some details. Chirishi, the Factions, the Disney world stories, etc.
  4. ajmrowland

    One question about usernames

    Is it the same as the Yahoo Japan ID? I just started the game so I dont really know.
  5. ajmrowland

    So what's this about Executives meddling with the script?

    I just keep hearing this about this game these days. I know it's done to death in a lot of things but KH?
  6. ajmrowland

    The Battle Report Thread

    School is in and 1.5 has been released. Chances are most of us have finished at least one-maybe both-games in this collection, and have received our scores in the form of a ending screen. I figure why not post them here? If your latest playthrough was completed under certain parameters, such...
  7. ajmrowland

    Period Media: Historical Accuracy or Modern Sensibilities?

    I was just watching Showtime's "The Borgias" a work of historical fiction using real names, locations, and events that I became interested in after playing Assassin's Creed II(which is far more obviously fictional), and I came to wonder a bit about the timeline of things happening. Typed my...
  8. ajmrowland

    Regarding The dream ending

    Of the game that is, how long does that really last. One of the first things he says is kairi before the more lengthy goodbye with Namine. But regarding the Timeline, wouldn't Kairi's name still be the last thing he remembers before waking up?
  9. ajmrowland

    When I come to, Let Us meet, with our Usual Words on the Usual Street

    Such a sweet little bit of poetry. Obviously I should put the full thing on here. There is always sleep between part and meet, With our usual words on the usual street. So let us part like we always do... And in a world without you, I'll dream of you. When I come to, let us meet With our...
  10. ajmrowland

    Ah, the Parents again....

    Having just played the ending, it makes me wonder....since Sora never seemed to forget his old life on the Islands or his parents(as far as we know) what of his parents' memories? Of course they're not gonna be in the series at all but if Namine inserted herself into a memory that includes...
  11. ajmrowland

    Lol Marluxia Glitch

    He's not attacking. Final battle and everything. He used a few attacks and just stopped. Since this is my 5th try, I'm kinda happy but want to bait him. and I'm tempted to just look around. feels anticlimactic.
  12. ajmrowland

    It's odd that they never redesigned the Moment's Reprieve card

    Pic shows COM save diamond, but inside is a KH2 swirling save point
  13. ajmrowland

    A Story Question

    Why is it that only the Final Fantasy characters have the slightest feeling of something going on? My best guess is that it's because Namine was just starting her work and if she had done nothing, all the people sora meets would have remembered him.
  14. ajmrowland

    American Government looking at a shutdown

    With the passing of Obamacare(effective at midnight last night EST)the Republican(Tea) Party has threatened to have various services shut down and some indeed are. These include food related programs, tours and access to washington landmarks, suspended tax refunds, and affects the FHA, EPA, FDA...
  15. ajmrowland

    When the Unknown appears...

    He teleports/becomes visible just like Mysterious Figure in BBS, but never uses a corridor of Darkness. I doubt the Time travel thing was really thought of at the time, but they seem too similar to be coincidence. It's also worth noting that the princesses talk of a power that is neither...
  16. ajmrowland

    I must be used to seeing it, but...

    Is Sora's walk cycle really that weird and what makes it so? His run cycle too?
  17. ajmrowland

    Yeah, localisation was a little buggy

    Reports of use of the old localisation for items and descriptions that have been changed. Also, why change "Is this the world of death?" to "Is this the Afterworld?" They seriously can't be hung up on death-in a way-existing in KH. The same scene also uses the term "Door of Darkness" instead of...
  18. ajmrowland

    So, wait...what is the connection between the DTD and the Hollow Bastion Keyhole?

    Now, we all know "Ansem"/Xehanort incidentally summoned what could be seen as the Door To Darkness in Radiant Garden, but how was the connection established? The way I see it, Radiant Garden, radiant as it is, is simply another world. How would that world's keyhole be so closely connected to the...
  19. ajmrowland

    So, why do you think The Heart failed Oogie Boogie?

    He tried to use it to control the Heartless and it didn't work. Now, obviously there are implications of not being able to recreate what one doesn't fully understand here, but if you could, what would you say was specifically the cause of this?
  20. ajmrowland

    Well, there's something I didn't expect....

    Funny, out of curiosity I went and visited the old house during my Traverse Town first visit. I just expected it to he empty but nope! Kairi appears and then Merlin! The canon(and old strategy guide) point to this all belonging in the second visit. I had no idea it was so readily avilable so...