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  1. Traskix


    This FC is for the koolest guy ever! He's waited for this for a long time and totally deserves it because he is a great friend! :D [CENTER]MEMBERS: Traskix 。◕‿◕。 Bellaisima (ᵔ ̮ ᵔ) DJQUACKQUACK (╯°□°)╯ Sign ◕‿‿◕ MegaWallflower ◔▽◔ Urbane ʘ‿ʘ Youniquee 。◕‿◕。 King Sora X (ᵔ ̮ ᵔ) November...
  2. Traskix


    Haneul “Now remember girls.” A mother says in a dim room. The room is small and has two beds. Two little girls, sisters, sit on one bed while their mother speaks to them. “I always want you two to be safe.” The sisters nod. “There is a lot of trouble in the world. No one person can stop it.”...
  3. Traskix

    My biscuts are burning!

    Fire and ice sort of thing, don't know if it came out...right
  4. Traskix

    Dragons Eat Hearts

    v1 v2 v3 v4
  5. Traskix

    Momma theres a gator in the backyard again

    Maybe breaking out of the shell? CnC
  6. Traskix

    why cry, when you can laugh

    CnC and all that ;P
  7. Traskix

    Lost Inside

    Lost Inside “Do you think anyone will find it?” a high pitch, mouse-ish voice said. After a moment of silence it’s mouse like ear twitched up as no one answered his question. The small creature dashed up an arm and stopped at the shoulder of a young man. The creature titled his head and...
  8. Traskix

    Lets have some fun this beat is sick!

    i made this yesterday, second attempt of trying to find my own "style". So CnC!
  9. Traskix

    I like the bartender

  10. Traskix

    that storm chaser

    I like what i got going here, but not sure if i should add more or change anything. cnc
  11. Traskix

    <$>The verrrrry Dashing FC of VirgilTheart<$>

    So this fc is for my KH/Bleach obessed buddy! He is a great friend and really easy to talk to, and one day he shall take over the world. XD He also made these FC's, so make sure to check them out! AquaXZack FC, SoraXKairi FC, and RikuXYuffie FC The Official testify = Alice Moments Counter...
  12. Traskix


    So since a lot of spam (like a lot) happens and yet people like to read these Mini Adventures i decided to make a FC for it. But this fc is not just for the spam its to ask questions, give me ideas (because i could really use them), and to think of a new adventure idea. So bring in the madness...
  13. Traskix

    In the Heart

    In the Heart In the late afternoon, a woman screamed in pain. A pain no man would ever experience. A midwife was present helping the young woman. Outside the small house, a man paced, waiting nervously. He Wondered when a new life would be born inside. The man cringed when he heard his...
  14. Traskix

    Everyone Say Happy Birthday To........!?

    Bellaisima358 aka BELL!!!! Today is her 14th birthday!!! Everyone wish her a Happy Birthday and maybe an early Happy Thanksgiving xP and Bell as promised here is ur b-day present =) and just to be random.....
  15. Traskix

    **The Sparkling FC of Sapphire Skies <3

    Also known formley as CuteChic4eva, she is an awesome friend and makes even more awesome tags/sigs (whatever you want to call them) XD So come and join in the awesome sparkling of Sapphire Skies. Members of Funky town: Traskix :D Dawning Twilight Keyblader110 Skye Shinra X-2 nine-tailed...
  16. Traskix

    Falling Together

    Falling Together Rosabella, a beautiful rose. That’s what this town was famous for. Now its just mass destruction. Ivory sat in the mud waiting, waiting for anything. He looked across the way to see the other three, KoJo, Jeeth and Xavier. They had to stick together in this war. Ivory...
  17. Traskix

    ~^The Lusious FC of Laz! ;)

    Ha! i know you like the name ;) Anyway this FC is for Laz!!! i think he totally deserves one. He is smart, funny and realllllly tall. He is such a good friend everyone should join!! King of the whole world (this FC) Videos: e-AZ0vBgMJg& lz43lZGCTHo& E5VfcCLIvjU& ZlTOPjcyQLs...
  18. Traskix

    ^_^ ~*The Bomb Fc of Bellaisima358!!*~ ^_^

    Woooooo! So this is a FC for one of my best buddies here! Call her Bell for short and she is freakin Awesome!! And she writes pretty good stories. So join and even if u dont know her....become her friend!! The Queen and Evil Genius(in a good way) of this Fc Bellaisima aka Bell!!!! How...
  19. Traskix


    So i saw this on the T.V. a while ago and thought "hey that looks like a kool game" but then i noticed it was a movie lol. It looks awesome to me. Lots of action and suspense for it being animated. YouTube - 9 - Official Trailer
  20. Traskix

    (-:<X>Master Xehanort Fan Club<X>:-)

    *Not much is known about Master Xehanort. But to the day we find out, we keep guessing. OMG A FAN FIC! CLICK HERE! Join the darker side Ansem Seeker of Darkness fanclub Members: Traskix :D Midget00999 Seraph Chaos Skye Lonbilly ∞ Strawberry Divide&Conquer...