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  1. rawpower

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Buying Guide

    Despite not posting here often anymore I still typically come here for any Kingdom Hearts information I may need. So I was surprised not to find any kind of buying guide for his game. Anyway I'll get to it. Standard Edition- $60 The base game by itself. You can buy this at all the typical...
  2. rawpower

    KH:3D discontinued?

    I recently got a 2DS and was excited about getting KH3D. However, I've found that literally no store has it. It isn't at Target, Walmart, BestBuy, or at any of the Gamestops nearby used or new. Have they stopped manufacturing this game already? I even checked online and they're either out of...
  3. rawpower


    You've all been waiting. And now it's finally time. Ladies and gentlemen, making his first ever appearance in a Kingdom Hearts game, I give you...MAX [/URL][/IMG] I mean, come on. How has this guy not been in a Kingdom Hearts yet? Does just have too much swag? I mean look at how much swag he's...
  4. rawpower

    Vote Birth By Sleep and Re:Coded for Best of E3 2010

    At gamespot.com you can vote for your favorite Kingdom Hearts games as the "Best of E3" catagories. Both Re:Coded and BBS were nominated for best RPG and for best DS and PSP game respectively. And also KH3D for the 3DS. GameSpot's Best of E3 2010 You might want to hurry, voting ends on the 9th.
  5. rawpower

    New Screens at Gamespot

    So there's some new screens at gamespot.com of gameplay and cutscenes. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Screens I'm not really sure about copy and pasting all of them. Also I'm not even sure if these are new lol.
  6. rawpower

    Vote for your most anticipated E3 game!

    Hey everyone, just on gamespot.com this morning and it's letting people vote for their most anticipated game at E3. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep was like the 3rd one down the list. Readers' Choice Most Anticipated Games of E3 Vote for the game you're most excited for! For me it's definitely BBS.
  7. rawpower

    Return of Riku Replica?

    So at the end of Com, the Riku Replica just walks off. Do you think he will ever make a return to the series? The only one who(would) remember him are Namine and the organization members who were in Castle Oblivion, who are all dead. Namine seems to have become a part of Kairi now. Do you think...
  8. rawpower

    Garry's Mod

    So I was playing this and just happened to be toying around with my KHII models and thought of this site. Also, my Kairi model is missing textures since it's all purple and black, but here's a disscusion about this awesome mod. Oh and Merry Christmas.