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  1. dejah


    I was so bored that I decided to come back to KHI Tonight I'm so bored that I'm about to put on Eclipse... It's a testament to my desperation. but anyway, What's up KHI? It's good to be back.
  2. dejah

    Skrillex (Sonny Moore)

    Have you heard this shit? TURN IT UP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSeNSzJ2-Jw
  3. dejah

    Writing in Tune

    Hello, I've recently started a blog. and the main purpose of it is as a creative writing outlet for me. some of it are short stories. some of it are my ramblings made to look like short stories either way it's just a blog to practice my rusty writing skills. there are a couple grammatical and...
  4. dejah

    American Idol: David Cook Vs David Archuleta

    I'll admit, American Idol is pretty much a guilty pleasure for me. I can't believe that we're HOURS away from the final results show! WHO DO YOU THINK SHOULD WIN? David Cook or David Archuleta?!! Vote and discuss!!
  5. dejah

    KH3: Only for Wii?

    by order of teh monkehbuttz i r posting this for us to discuss. sooo. a thread on Gamespot's forums is saying that KH3 is going to be exclusively for the Wii. here's a "Screencap" of an order with a thumbnail of Nintendo Power's July 08 issue with a caption of KH3 being exclusively for the...
  6. dejah

    [music] the velvet teen

    Has anyone heard of the velvet teen? any fans on the forums besides me? i only found out about them back in '06 and i'm still crazy about them. they're really experimental, which is what i love, and yet they still retain their style. i have no idea how. The Prize Fighter from "Out of the...
  7. dejah

    kick-ass name. lmao.

    click here for the full story i can't believe this is coming from singapore!!! -______- ps. LOL.
  8. dejah

    I told you naruto's bad for you.

    kids definitely shouldn't be watching crap like this. Click Me
  9. dejah

    [MUSIC] The Foxboro Hot Tubs!

    Ever heard of them? they're pretty damn sweet. they released 6 free-to-download tracks over the internet for a couple days and iSay. they tunes are so addictive! have a listen. you might be surprised. =D feel free to discuss!!
  10. dejah

    RIP Heath Ledger

    Reports are saying that Heath Ledger died today. =( i r sad. looks like the dark knight will be his last film...
  11. dejah

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Happy Birthday to: ME KL Cloudy_Card. Woo Hooooo.:thumbsup:
  12. dejah

    Paolo Nutini - These Streets.

    Easily one of my favourite albums in a while. what more could one ask for? a pretty face, a sexy voice and killer on acoustics. bless this kid. Click on the Pic
  13. dejah

    Song Shuffle!

    1. Put your music player on shuffle. 2. Press forward for each question. 3. Use the song title as the answer to the question. No cheating! ____________________________________________________ What does next year have in store for me? I Against I (Jedi Mind Tricks) ROFl. What's my love life...
  14. dejah

    Pole-Dancing Sora

    haha.. this is way old.. but i stumbled across it and couldn't stop laughing. xD. he's really good too. ROFL. CLICK ON IT!
  15. dejah

    Ouendan a.k.a. Elite Beat Agents

    Okay... so if you don't know what Ouendan or Elite Beat Agents is or haven't played click and have a lookie!! for those who've played and those who know about it, do you prefer it the english game or the japanese game? >o< what's your take on it? personally, i prefer Ouendan. the music fits...
  16. dejah

    Korean Pop/Rock/Hip-hop/RnB

    i used to be a BIG. BIG BIG REALLY BIG fan of Korean music... and i was looking on youtube for all the old songs that i used to listen to.. like G.O.D.'s Lie, Gil, SeulPeun SaRang, SaRang Hae GeuRiGo GiUhkHae 1TYM's One Lie Se7en's older stuff.. and hell, even BOA's old korean songs like...
  17. dejah

    Give A Stranger...

    A Hug(plsclickhere) This is a video clip of Juan Mann's mission to reach out and hug a stranger, to brighten up their lives. really random, but touching. ^_^ i think i'll start doing this in town. xD so go on!! give a stranger a hug. ps. so wh0ring it, but click here and wish Xaldin Happy...
  18. dejah

    For Xaldin, KHi's most important person. (Everyone, Please Click)

    My Dearest Friend!!! you use me for your own personal gain. lol. but i still love you. without you, KHInsider would be newsless!! you work so hard to provide us with everything you find out. and i'm still jealous that you went to Tokyo without me. HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY!!!!!! (oct. 3rd) ilu. and...
  19. dejah

    I never realised this...

    i was re-watching the Final Fantasy III trailer for the DS. and i realised.. that they were all boys. and one girl. i'd earlier thought they were all girls. and that one blondie, a boy. o_O LOOK AGAIN aaanyways. my brother went to a flea market and found and bought a supernintendo console...
  20. dejah

    The Lake House/ Il mare

    i looked through and never found a thread for this movie. and OMG. >_< i wanna watch it soooooo bad~~~ sorry. i'm a sucker for romance. i watched the original Korean movie, "Il Mare" a couple years back and it's one of my fav movies, despite being a little far-fetched. and i had no idea...