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  1. XenonSovereign

    Which Branch of US Government Is The Most Powerful?

    I have this topic as a US Government assignment. I think each branch is equal, but I'd like to see what everyone else thinks and why.
  2. XenonSovereign

    Crysis Discussion [IT WAS LEAKED!]

    I'm a little surprised that this doesn't have a thread of its own. I searched it and I got two pages of threads that didn't have "Crysis" in the title so I figured I'd make one! You know the dance. Anywho, the game was leaked and Crytek is so fucking mad about it. I'm quite interested to see...
  3. XenonSovereign

    Requesting a Logo Manipulator...

    ...or something. Anywho, I would like to ask someone to make a logo for my blog out of the DC Universe Online logo. Would you kindly take out the "Universe Online" and replace "DC" with "iGG"? I would DEEPLY appreciate it. Thanks.
  4. XenonSovereign

    Can't/Don't wanna watch the VGAs? Check out my liveblog!

    iGG: SpikeTV Video Game Awards LiveBlog It's my blog's first liveblog. I hope you guys enjoy!
  5. XenonSovereign

    Sly 4 Teaser Trailer; Announcement Inevitable

    iGG: Sly Cooper 4 Teaser Trailer; Announcement Inevitable I've never played a Sly game, but I wouldn't mind trying it out if the 4th looks great
  6. XenonSovereign

    Dead Space 2 Beta Invites Going Out

    iGG: Dead Space 2 Beta Invites Are Going Out I hope I get it, I was in the MoH beta and the BC2 beta.
  7. XenonSovereign

    Should rereleases be given new scores?

    A friend and I had a pretty lengthy debate on whether video game re-releases should get a new score. He's pretty upset that most review sites have given Sonic Adventure really low scores compared to what they were given back when it was originally released. The way he sees it, a game that is...
  8. XenonSovereign

    Help/Support ► For all multi-lingual people, help!

    I'm a native English speaker and I have questions for those who learned other languages. I'm trying to learn Spanish, I have Hispanic friends and I bought a book called "Hide This Spanish Book Xtreme" that teaches Spanish. - How long did it take you to learn a new language? - How did you learn...
  9. XenonSovereign

    Is there a such thing as a good game and a bad game?

    I had this debate with my friend for a good 30-45 minutes, since he decided that he wanted to buy Naughty Bear. I keep telling him how horrible the game is, but he insists that it is is fun, despite the fact that he's never played it, it's not successful and it has poor reception. He says that...
  10. XenonSovereign

    Mel Gibson audio tape

    I heard about it but I had no idea that there was an audio tape WORLD EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Mel Gibson's Explosive Racist Rant -- Listen To It Here | RadarOnline.com
  11. XenonSovereign

    To those with JP Birth by Sleep versions

    I downloaded the game today, and the english patch doesn't have all the cutscenes translated. I can't find any other complete english patches, but I wanted to know if any one where had an english pack that translated all subtitles and post menu words into english. So, is there anyone?
  12. XenonSovereign

    Bad games with GREAT features

    Ever played a bad game or a not so good game, but it had a feature that out did similar features in other games? List 'em Terminator Salvation The Cover system was surprisingly good, and selecting the weapons felt like Half Life 2 in a way
  13. XenonSovereign

    Leaked E3 lineup pic (protip: it's fake)

    Motherfuck!! Mass Effect 3?! On PS3?!?!?!?
  14. XenonSovereign

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    All but official, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 in the works : News : EventHubs.com :\
  15. XenonSovereign

    Longing for a 360...questions inside

    Hey, remember me? I made this thread back in '08. Well... I'd had my PS3 for 15 months and I love it dearly. But it's time to broaden my horizon and get a 360. But I have a few questions. - I'm planning getting most of my games on Games on Demand, are the games in the same quality as they...
  16. XenonSovereign

    Getting Orange Box...maybe

    s1demteeth I'm thinking of picking up Orange Box (for PS3) tomorrow. I just have a few questions -Would I need to play Half-Life to understand the story, even though it's based 20 years before Half-Life 2 -Is Team Fortress 2 servers still up and active -Aside from framerate, what issues does...
  17. XenonSovereign

    Your Favorite Paradigm

    What's your favorite? Mine is Diversity - Commando/Ravager/Medic
  18. XenonSovereign

    Discuss: Online Gaming

    I started this discussion because online gaming seems to be one of the biggest gaming factors at the moment. Where would you be without online gaming? Techinally, I'd be in the same place I am now, playing offline :\ Discuss
  19. XenonSovereign

    I'm torn...

    As some of you may know, Gamestop has a 40 dollar deal for some games if I trade in 2 of the request games. All the games in the deal seem to be very good so I wanted to see what you guys think is/would be the best decision... Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Assassin's...
  20. XenonSovereign

    All I could say is let my people go

    Usually, people would blame TV. Well, that, and the parents are to blame. Though it is hilarious, it's sad all at the same time. Because this little kids who look younger than 12 are doing the deeds of adults. Though, I do wish my school was like this everyday, it's just sad. Video: What R You...