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  1. Wehrmacht

    Well I guess it's time.

    I honestly don't know how many people are going to end up reading this given that the foyer is barely alive anymore and isn't the most visible section, but I figured it's the only place I can really post this now. I told myself I wouldn't ever make a big fuss if I decided to leave, because...
  2. Wehrmacht

    Anime/Manga ► Spring Season Anime 2014

    For me personally, Stardust Crusaders and Knights of Sidonia are the main standouts. I will *probably* give captain earth a shot, and also watch kenzen robo because the premise is hilarious
  3. Wehrmacht

    Anime/Manga ► Log Horizon

    Was wondering if anyone else besides Nyangoro and I were watching this show. I didn't have particularly high expectations going in, but I was pleasantly surprised at the small details that make this show so interesting and entertaining to watch. Don't be fooled by the premise; this show is...
  4. Wehrmacht

    Hyper Light Drifter (Kickstarter for alttp/diablo-esque arpg)

    Hyper Light Drifter by Heart Machine — Kickstarter This game's art looks amazing and the gameplay has me sold even from the little we've seen on it. The kickstarter only has about 5 days left and they've reached most of their goals, but you can still contribute and essentially have a pre-order...
  5. Wehrmacht

    Mighty No. 9 (or the game that tried)

    Mighty No. 9 by comcept USA, LLC — Kickstarter So basically you should all jump off the capcom boat if you haven't already and give these people your money. megaman may be dead, but THE LEGEND IS REBORN
  6. Wehrmacht

    Anime/Manga ► Spring 2013 Anime Lineup

    Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack of Titan is definitely the heavy hitter this season. I may check out the new Sunrise series, just because it's Sunrise, even though the premise couldn't be any more cliche for the genre, and also Space Battleship Yamato because it's a reboot of a previously established...
  7. Wehrmacht

    painting is hard aka butts

    figured i'd revisit this section since i abandoned it shamelessly months ago :(
  8. Wehrmacht

    KHI Mailbag Episode 4 Preview!!!!!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37zZbv9NUAQ Feel free to ask questions and look forward to part 2 of the Aussie mailbag next week!
  9. Wehrmacht

    Help/Support ► Please don't ask us for medical advice.

    Nobody at KHInsider is really competent enough to provide anyone with adequate medical advice. Giving someone wrong advice could have potentially disastrous results on their health, and we don't want that to happen. If you need medical assistance, please see a trained, knowledgeable professional.
  10. Wehrmacht

    ra's al butts

    tabletz r hard
  11. Wehrmacht

    Introducing the TM Art Help Database project!

    So as you all might have noticed that we're all about the community now and whatnot with all the projects we've been bringing up recently. Some of these have been dedicated towards inspiring activity in otherwise inactive sections. I think TM is probably the most inactive section of this entire...
  12. Wehrmacht

    Staff changes!

    I've been on staff for so long I've actually forgotten what it's like for us to change staff from the eyes of our memberbase, because while you can all see for yourselves who has what position, it never hurts to tell you guys more about these changes. We actually used to keep you guys updated...
  13. Wehrmacht

    Game Award Request thread!

    In order to better keep track of our new awards, I have decided to create this thread to make it easier for us administrators to see requests from other members. Our new set of awards and how to obtain them is essentially explained in this post by Shamdeo:
  14. Wehrmacht

    scubasteve writes a book about everything that makes him mad in life

    and it's called steveygrapes of wrath
  15. Wehrmacht

    The Legend of Zelda | Breath of the Wild

    so i accidentally the previous thread just letting you guys know let's open this thread by talking about the postman from oot and how he is the best character in the game
  16. Wehrmacht

    Comics ► How Comic Book Adaptations Differ in East/West

    This was actually a thread of discussion I just had with Nyangoro that I found fairly interesting. What I've realized recently is that when it comes to adaptations of western and eastern comic books, the fanbases of each have very different expectations and reactions. I think some of our members...
  17. Wehrmacht

    California to vote on abolishing death penalty

    BBC News - California to vote on abolishing death penalty I'm not a californian, but as an individual I support the idea. It is completely factual that keeping the death penalty is noticeably more expensive than keeping someone in life imprisonment. Besides that, there have been a number of...
  18. Wehrmacht

    Lit ► A Song of Ice and Fire (aka game of boners)

    so jeels and some other d00ds made a pretty big deal about the show, and because i like simpler solutions i just decided to buy the first book and read it. i finished it just yesterday. i wouldn't sing praises about martin's prose (it's perfectly acceptable, just not particularly distinctive)...
  19. Wehrmacht

    Anime/Manga ► Saint Seiya Omega (see: precure for boys)

    figured i might as well, since there might be people on khi who would find the tokusatsu action relevant to their interests so, a little bit of history first: saint seiya was originally published in the 1980's as a shonen manga about young men wearing armors based on constellations to protect...
  20. Wehrmacht

    this is what my doodles look like

    figured i might as well start posting more since tm SUCKS