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  1. Rydgea

    χ years, wuuut???

    Hey hey Fellow Insiders, I had been thinking about it earlier this year, but the (spiffy, cool) auto-award (a la @Antifa Lockhart) notification reminded me that I've now been around 10 years, and I needed to make a post here. Being around that long, well, it's just another mortality check to...
  2. Rydgea

    EZ / PRO Codes Question

    (If there is a general KHIII questions / tips thread, feel free to move.) So, I purchased Re:Mind when it came out, but have yet to play it. I hurriedly started an EZ Code Critical Mode run last night for Oblivion (and the EZ Code Trophy, All-rounder) so it can roll over onto a normal or...
  3. Rydgea

    News ► Utada Hikaru's Laughter in the Dark Tour (2018) scheduled for Netflix

    [source] Among some of her other notable works, Chikai* had been on the set list for the tour. *Mods: Feel free to move this to the KHIII forums.
  4. Rydgea

    Kingdom Hearts II Mickey Nendoroid Announced

    Hope you're all enjoying KHIII! To add to the hoard of merch rolling in, the KHI Sora and Riku Nendoroids and the already innumerable KHII products, Nendoroid is giving us King Mickey in his KHII garb. Available just before Halloween, coming October 20th, 2019. Source...
  5. Rydgea

    1.5 + 2.5 Proud/Critical Mode Suggestions

    ”All of this was decided.” Sorry. I needed an introduction~ Anyways, loves, with Kingdom Hearts III finally on the horizon and this collection about as patched as we'll see it (unless post-KHIII release we see some patch spurred by the All-in-One bundle), I'll finally be playing through...
  6. Rydgea

    Traditional Media ► Rydgea's Sketchdump! [✎]

    Hey guys, just thought I was overdue sharing some of my art with you. Drawing literally gives me life, so I hope these bring you some joy as well. At this time, I'm just posting some WIPs. My scanner wouldn't cooperate, so these may look a little dark, but here you are nonetheless: <3
  7. Rydgea

    [Music] Rydgea Sings / 'Dearly Beloved' Mashups

    * * * INTRODUCTION Hello sweet, forum members. I was feeling a little lot creative and decided to test out some recording software. I'm working on a sound studio at home, and so I thought I'd share some of the songs I'm recording just for fun. One particular project I'll be posting first is a...
  8. Rydgea

    Final Fantasy Portal App - "Keeping Triple Triad Alive"

    Seriously though, I searched for an FFII thread. Don't think we have one. Don't necessarily think it's necessary. But, due to the one year anniversary of the app, they are offering FFII for free through it. Not unlike the launch incentive which was FFI, it seems to be derivative of the PSP...
  9. Rydgea

    TV ► Penny Dreadful

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s17fb7c6zwU Who else will be watching this quality drama when the new season airs in a couple months? I'm obsessed. If you haven't watched the first two seasons already, make time. Eva Green is queen.
  10. Rydgea

    Battle Chasers: Nightwar

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khtSM7XRga8 Please tell me we have some fans of the old school Battle Chasers comic in here. Not only is the series being revived, but it's bleeding into other forms of multimedia! Airship Syndicate, comprised of artist Joe Madureira (original creator) and a...
  11. Rydgea

    TV ► Fear the Walking Dead

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDxew5SguVw Yes, yes. We've a Walking Dead thread, but this is it's own series. Has anyone else started to watch this? So far only two episodes have aired. My personal opinion is that it should be illegal to air reruns after just unveiling a show('s second...
  12. Rydgea

    TV ► Ru Paul's Drag Race

    Ru Paul's Drag Race (Season 8) - "Start your engines..." This is important and needs to be talked about. Who else watches this? C'mon out, queens. <3
  13. Rydgea

    [Gameplay] What should I choose? (Stats / Leveling / Abilities)

    With the advent of the ReMIXes, I decided to play the original copies of my KH games and put them into a "retirement" of sorts. With 2.5 almost here, I'm giving KHII one last hoorah. It'll be my first time to play this game on Proud Mode. So I just have one question: Which weapon should I...
  14. Rydgea

    TV ► Orange is the New Black

    "Orange Is The New Black, Netflix's new provocative series set in a woman's penitentiary, follows the titular character Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) as she carries out her sentence for carrying drug money she committed 10 years previously. Watch Piper as she struggles with her ex girl-friend...
  15. Rydgea

    1 Rydgea + 2 years later = 3rd Place

    O hay~ I won bronze! It's been a good two years here at the forums. So, I just wanted to say, I like you guys! I've met some rad mofos on here n' such, and let's not play. This is the best KH community on the world wide webz. If I've grown particularly fond of you, you know who you are by now...
  16. Rydgea

    Yen Press's 358/2 Days Manga Volume 1 Cover

    Looks like we've got our official cover for the Yen Press localization of Days Volume 1! :D Not much to change really, but yay! This arc is coming into view. 8D Still holding out for an exact release date, though we all know it's sometime in November.
  17. Rydgea

    I'm turning 1.5

    Rydgea FINAL MIX + = Ben's final birthday +old =____= Oh, hey, it's my birthday! Anyways, I know no one on this forum cares, because of such a momentous occasion for us (and I hope you're all enjoying playing!), but I have to immortalize this moment for ME, because I can. ;A; Kingdom...
  18. Rydgea

    Happy National Underwear Day!

    Be sure to ...wear underwear? And don't wear it if you're hottt~ srsly though, there's liek a sale going on at Freshpair or something #murica
  19. Rydgea

    TV ► Arrested Development

    Anybody else start the season 4 revival on Netflix yesterday? If there's an official thread, I couldn't find it. Merge or delete.
  20. Rydgea

    DDD Playstation Portable Background

    Hey everyone, just working on some commissions and my part in the KH mural. I needed a little brake and hadn't whipped out the good ol' PSP in a while, and well, since Photoshop was up and I was feeling creative, I thought I'd slap together a little background for it. As you can see it's...