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  1. BluberryStar

    Unexplained Technical Difficulty opening Kingdom Hearts Chi game. Really... please help ;_;

    I really need help, fast! I have been playing Kingdom Hearts Chi for a year now and this is the first time I encounter a problem such as this. My game won't load. It's not that it crashed or stopped midway, it won't load. Literally. Like it's blocked but it's not. I am using a Mac, btw. This...
  2. BluberryStar

    The Vulpes Fanclub

    The Vulpeus Fanclub Members JR199913 minhtam1683 Oris italktotherain Lenneth DefiantHeart BluberryStar Darnarius Zeke_Aileron YukiYashaH xela10104 roke elie_grim I<3Kiari SoraNoRyu RoXas1314 Guardian Angel X Dastro Solosis Rules There are also rules that apply on this...
  3. BluberryStar

    Best way to use BP for Lux?

    I wanna ask you guys about collecting LUX by keeping up chains in battling Raid bosses. We all know that the BP that we have isn't enough to finish the raid boss, and waiting for it to fill 1 BP will take a painstaking wait of 15 minutes. Then all we need to rely on is teamwork and collect as...