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  1. JR199913

    How do I download 1.5+2.5?

    Alright so really stupid question. I pre-ordered 1.5+2.5 in the Playstation Store a month back and now that I'm finally done with school I have time to play. I'm in Europe so the game should have been released yesterday. So how can I play it? I should probably download it, but where is the...
  2. JR199913

    I'm making a keyblade and I got a question

    I'm not sure where to post this, so sorry if i'm at the wrong section. But anyway, i'm going to make the keyblade Oblivion and i can't find it's size anywhere. So does anyone knows the size of it?
  3. JR199913

    How to talk to your opponents (and make friends on the Chi site)

    So i have no idea if you guys already know this but here is a way to talk to you opponents. Can be handy if you plan to attack the raidboss all at once for a event to get a SR card and then you can ask your opponents for help. Well anyway (i highly recommend to use google chrome for this). If...
  4. JR199913

    Why looks Eraqus so young while Yen Sid and Xehanort both look old?

    So today i was talking with my party about 2.5 remix. And now i have a question. So Eraqus, Yen Sid and Master Xehanort trained all on the same time right??? So they were like trainings partners. Yen Sid and Master Xehanort are both old, but Eraqus is young (or he looks young). How can that...