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  1. J

    Wats new

    Haha been gone waaaaay too long, but im back! Ok main reason for this thread is just asking, wat hav i missed? There havent been any major updates that ive seen and i was hoping that im wrong and SE threw us a big bone while i was AWOL So if anyone would like to fill me in id appreciate it...
  2. J

    FF.vs.XIII & KH

    I dont know exactly if this show go here, because it has both FF and KH in it I found this thread on Final Fantasy.net where this guy argues that FFvsXIII can have stuff to do with KH heres the link Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XIII - Final Fantasy Net - Forum thoughts??? P.S. plz...
  3. J

    OMG!!! KH3!!!

    Did you see the front page on KHI? Sora finally dyed his hair rainbow!!!!! My life is complete!!!!! P.S yes I know it's a joke, I'm not stupid... No really
  4. J

    BBS Release

    Has the dates for BBS in countries excuding Japan actually confirmed yet?
  5. J

    Things about VTA

    First, i just realized that Ven uses blades of light, just like Roxas. And when hes frozen, he still manages to look pissed off and blink:lol: Also, when TA were falling, was that also their awakenings? I know im slow at these things :p
  6. J

    Terra/Xehanort poll

    Who actually believes that Terra is Xehanort? Or don't? Or is Xehanort someone else?
  7. J

    BBS theory

    MX summons a blue KH, Ven gets frozen, Terras eyes turn yellow MX needed 3 keybladers and all the unversed destroyed to summon the blue KH; my theory on the blue KH is that it is where all the soul goes, an ultimate battery, or a Kingdom Soul if u will he chose Ven and Terra along with Vanitas...
  8. J

    Keyblade showdown!

    I've been wondering Since there's so many keyblades out there, which one is the most popular one? It could be any one, not just the default ones Tell me which one you like best and include a pic Thanks!:lol: P.S I didn't make this into a poll because 10 isn't enough
  9. J

    Riku may not be connected to Terra

    Alright, we all know that 2 of TAV is related to 2 of SRK, and since Ven looks like Roxas, we can probly assume that he is related to Sora:31: Then in the scan, it shows Kairi with Aqua, so they might be related:lol: The only time we see Terra and Riku close together, is when Terrawas on DI...
  10. J

    Something wrong

    In the Ansem Reports, it says that Mickey made a Gummi Ship from Gummi blocks, which was the only way to travel between worlds. So how does TAV and Mickey travel? and no I dont think Mickey rode a giant Keyblade
  11. J

    Ratings for BbS

    Whats the rating for Birth by Sleep anyways? i heard PG-13
  12. J

    How did this start?

    You know all the ruckus on how Terra is MX? I just want 2 know, who started it? Just a harmless question