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  1. Violet Pluto

    KHUX ► Question about newest update

    A bit of crossover with Dark Road I wonder if the reason the future Dandelions are split in age and time they come back is because multiple people remember them which creates multiple exit points. Ephemer and others would remember everyone (If they have already escaped the Data World) Luxu...
  2. Violet Pluto

    KH3 Gameplay again.

    Well didn't expect that a tech would be found like this, and it's a combo reset which changes the flow of battle completely. My goodness, you obviously need some execution to pull this off, but this seems amazing.
  3. Violet Pluto

    KH3 References

    I came across this video earlier and wanted to talk about it as I didn't realize some of these references or other important ideas when I first saw it. I also didn't see a thread on it or anything so here goes.