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    coded boss battle

    haz anyone seen this boss battle from coded, if not then here it iz, i found it on kh13.com YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Coded - Roxas Fight Edit: ok i realize thiz iz a spoiler... can a mod move it
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    comic con

    r they having playable demos at comic con for KH BBS or r they just advertizing... the reason for me asking is bcause i found this image a gamespot
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    Special Edition Confirmed for France

    Good news, rumors of a collector's edition of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep has just been confirmed by Square Enix France, which has launched the booking of a special edition containing the game, two Artprint and a 48-page artbook similar to those accompanying Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Crisis...
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    Famitsu Summary

    i used google chrome to translate, can someone find a better translation heres the link ????? ?????????? The battle with the ¨ ¨ new system called overclocking. Or apply to enemy attack, it gives a technical ¨ ¨ accumulate clock gauge, to be more than a certain Ability mechanism is triggered...
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    New BBS pics

    i found them on kh13.com
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    Recoded Release Date

    On FF-Reunion i found what seems to be the release date for Re:Coded heres a picture
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    New Scans: Traverse Town & Wonderland

    Here are four images I found with the info, too. (Have bad quality.) Tomato sauce: ????? ?????????????
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    Website Update & New Message From The Kingdom!

    http://web.square-enix.co.jp/kingdom/recoded/ Site updates Message from The Kingdom - thanks to luap911 for the find!
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    New Degenki Interview

    Summary of main points by Key to Truth: Found better translation translation: Q:The North American version of BBS is to be released soon? Nomura: Yes, it will be released Sept 7. Even though we've added many things, the story has changed little. Mark Hamill will be voicing Master Eraqus, And...
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    Mirage Arena

    is it possible to beat some of the bosses in the arena by yourself... or do u need other players to help
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    gameinformer interview

    here is the gameinformer interview kh13.com/mybb/showthread.php?tid=6694
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    New BBS Keychains

    I just found out that there are new BBS keychains out on the SQUARE ENIX SHOP heres the link: SQUARE ENIX SHOP: Merchandise, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest source: FF-Reunion
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    1up's most anticipated games of E3 2010

    1UP's Top 50 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2010 Starts at 0:40 and includes english gameplay. Why is this important? Because: 1. BBS got some coverage, which counts as news, right? 2. AQUA'S ONE LINE.(Which sounds pretty good) Source: kh13.com
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    crown stickers?

    wat r crown stickers frm the NA version of birth by sleep....
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    What parts in BBS do u guys think will be censored?
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    Mystery person

    PLZ no spoilers from BBS............... Who do u guys think the mystery person is going to b in episode 8 of Coded
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    Coded Episode 8

    I just saw on HEARTSTATION.ORG.. that Episode 8 of Coded will be released soon...... i cant wait
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    E3 2010 Exhibitor List Revealed

    I was just on IGN.com, and they have the list of exhibitors that will be at E3 2010... Square Enix is on that list, so im kinda hoping they'll say something about the U.S. release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep........ here is the link to the list E3 2010 Exhibitor List Revealed - PSP story...
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    BBs armor

    ok i waz thinkin..... what if the armor that TAV wear are like the drive forms used in KH II
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    PSP Demo?

    :confused:ok i waz just wondering.... when do u guys think the psp demo will be coming out?:confused: