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    New Scans

    Kh2.co.uk got new scans showing the old man unknown his name is translated to b Ruxodo and the lil mermaid. http://www.kh2.co.uk/image.php?image=scan58.png http://www.kh2.co.uk/image.php?image=img73.png
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    Clouds Sidestory

    On Sora's Domain they said that Cloud will have his own side story that will have nothing to do with the main story. Do you guys got any ideas what his story might be about ? "Start out with some quick info from Cow: -The story to Steamboat Willie is important. -There will be battles. -Cloud...
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    Who's Left and Who's The Leader?

    OK now with the square enix party all the Organization members are starting to be revealed #1 - The Leader of the Organization isn't Diz becuz it was confirmed that he's trying to Destroy it. or Maybe the leader is the Enigmatic Man. #2- Still Unknown but if the Enigmatic Man isn't the leader...
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    Advent Children

    Is Advent Children gonna b in subtitles for the American version or is it gonna b American Voice Actors?
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    Clear Picture of Deep Dive

    KingdomHearts2.net posted a clear picture of the Deep Dive ScreenShot. What everybody thought was a disembodied arm is actually the top of another building. lol, see for yourself: http://www.kingdomhearts2.net/images/sh_dd.jpg They also got clear pictures of Agrabah and all. The drive mode...
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    New KH2 pics from Scan, Drive modes and more.

    Here's a few new pics from a new scan, give thanks to New2ya because he found the pic of the scan wit Mickey and Deep Dive, I just changed the numbers at the end. http://utsunomiya.cool.ne.jp/gamers159/image/jp050615-02.jpg http://utsunomiya.cool.ne.jp/gamers159/image/jp050615-03.jpg...
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    Maybe Deep Dive is a World After All

    This is kinda long but it does make sense. I know people are tired of debating on whether or not Deep Dive is a world or not. People saying that it is just a concept. But with the new scans that just have been released it got me thinking that it is a world. After E3, HardcoreRager from GameFaq...
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    Axel's Award Winning Performance

    I remember reading a while back that Tetsuya Nomura said that Axel's story is the story that will make people wanna cry the most. What do you guys think? I would like to read some of ur theories and ideas.
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    So are they in there or not?

    In the new interview video on KHU, the girl asks "What disney enviroments can we expect to be adventuring through, this time around? ", Nomura answers "....For Kingdom Hearts 2 we created everything from scratch , they were not re-using any of the similar worlds even if they do appear in Kingdom...
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    PS3 Price Revealed (maybe)

    At IGN.com they stated that according to a Japanese Article, Sony has announced that the PS3 would cost 50,000 yen, which in US dollars that is $465. Even though the graphics look superb and all, I think that is kinda costy. IGN said that haven't check yet to see if this is true, but if it is...
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    Advent Children Release Date

    This might be old but i'm so happy, U.S. gets Advent Children September 13th and Japan gets it the 14th. I'm so happy, i've been waitin for it.
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    The 13 Organization Members

    I was in the IGN message boards and this one guy said that in an interview Nomura said that there are 13 Organizaton members and they will be in Kingdom Hearts 2. I know everyone knows that there are 13 members but the point is that they all might be in Kingdom Hearts 2. I think he meant even...
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    Their Eyes !

    What is with Kairi's, Sora's, Namine's, and BHK's eyes. All there eyes are the Icey Blue color. I understand that they might just have the same eye color but I just thought it was kinda weird how all four of them have the same color.