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    Ursula Boss Battle

    If anyone played Sly Cooper it's probably suttin like that. When u fought the Alligator lady and u had to press the same button as her. But the musical game probably has suttin to do with Arielle losing her voice like in the movie. It's not really a big deal. It's only one level. It's not like...
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    New Scans

    Kh2.co.uk got new scans showing the old man unknown his name is translated to b Ruxodo and the lil mermaid. http://www.kh2.co.uk/image.php?image=scan58.png http://www.kh2.co.uk/image.php?image=img73.png
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    Clouds Sidestory

    For all the people that keep on sayin Cloud will fight Sephiroth are u not readin things correcty. lol. They don't want to put Sephiroth in this game becuz he was in Final Mix already. They already fought. They don't wanna have another fight between Cloud and Sephiroth becuz it's already been...
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    Clouds Sidestory

    No in the interview thing it says that Sephiroth isn't gonna return.
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    Clouds Sidestory

    On Sora's Domain they said that Cloud will have his own side story that will have nothing to do with the main story. Do you guys got any ideas what his story might be about ? "Start out with some quick info from Cow: -The story to Steamboat Willie is important. -There will be battles. -Cloud...
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    I think Seifer, Fujinn, and Rajinn (how eva u spell their names) will be rivals to BHKand his friends. They probably all grew up in twilight town together and they all entered the tournament as rivals to show who's better.
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    Sry but u made a mistake. Seifer didn't say "You fell right in my trap", Pete said that. In that picture Seifer is sayin "The proof of your defeat has been stolen --." Seifer and Leon are rivals but that's in the final fantasy world. This is Kingdom Hearts so things are a lil weird.
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    How do you think Axel will use Riku Replica in KH2?

    Riku Replica: So...this is the end. Figures. But I'm not afraid. Good riddance to an artificial life. I never had a real heart. Even what I'm feeling now is probably fake. Riku: What are you feeling? Riku Replica: What happens when someone who's not real dies? Where will my heart go? That is...
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    How do you think Axel will use Riku Replica in KH2?

    Riku Replica died in COM. Riku killed him so I don't think Axel will be using him in any way.
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    BHK's two partners...

    I have to agree wit KL. I don't think BHK is eva gonna get an Organization Coat. At the end of the trailer with Sora and the unknown running at each other it says "Some of the scenes are from the development period and may differ from the actual game." I think they were talkin about the scenes...
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    Who's Left and Who's The Leader?

    OK now with the square enix party all the Organization members are starting to be revealed #1 - The Leader of the Organization isn't Diz becuz it was confirmed that he's trying to Destroy it. or Maybe the leader is the Enigmatic Man. #2- Still Unknown but if the Enigmatic Man isn't the leader...
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    BHK's Name

    I was looking up names and I really don't think these would b his name but i'm going by there meanings: Mamoru - Guardian Reiko- Gratitude Kazou- Peace Rin- Valiant Isamu- Brave Tomo- Friendly Ryo- Good Daichi-the earth Mirai-future Kai-Ocean Kiyoshi-quiet Keiko-adored one Jiro-second male...
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    wern't most of the organization members dead

    I don't think any of those unknowns are from COM. They are all new, I think. The one in the middle is the Enigmatic Man. I believe there is another female too.
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    wern't most of the organization members dead

    I'm hoping they all come back, not just in a flashback. I want to fight them in 3D. It wasn't really that fun fighting them with cards. I wanna see how they fight in full 3D and I want to hear what voices they would have. I especially want Zexion to come back cuz we really didn't get to see his...
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    Advent Children

    Is Advent Children gonna b in subtitles for the American version or is it gonna b American Voice Actors?
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    13 people in the Org.

    OK I don't think King Mickey and Riku will be counted into the 13 members. The Group was called the 13th Order before they even joined, if they are even apart of it. So there had to be 13 original members. There's Axel, Lexaeus, Vexen, Larxene, Marluxia, Zexion, and Diz. 13-7=6. 6-1=5 because...
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    Unknown in the Beginning of CoM...is it AXEL???

    OK this is what I think. The 13th Order has 13 members right. So lets Count them, the ones we know so far: 1. Diz- he is most likely the Superior but who knows, he might not have a rank. 2. 3. 4. Vexen 5. Laxaeus 6. Zexion 7 8. Axel 9 10 11. Marluxia 12. Larxene 13. Xaldin- I heard somewhere...
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    Message in a bottle

    Just a thought what if the paper in the bottle is actually Ansem's Other Report.
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    what ff character would u like to see on kh2

    I would like to see Vincent, Red XIII, Tifa, Rinoa, ViVi, Dagger a.k.a Garnett, Freija, LuLu, Paine, Rikku, Edea, Caith Sith, Eiko, and Salamander.
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    Clear Picture of Deep Dive

    KingdomHearts2.net posted a clear picture of the Deep Dive ScreenShot. What everybody thought was a disembodied arm is actually the top of another building. lol, see for yourself: http://www.kingdomhearts2.net/images/sh_dd.jpg They also got clear pictures of Agrabah and all. The drive mode...