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    Olympus Coliseum plot hole? (maybe spoilers)

    So the story of Unchained X is meant to be set before the keyblade war right? That would of course then place it before the events of BBS, in which at Olympus, Hercules is shown to be the teenage version of Herc still not at the point of being a true hero, indeed Phil doesn't even start training...
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    Glitched treasure (KH2)

    Forget this, just realised the blanks I were looking at were the treasures in the underground part of the town and confused the mansion treasures for Radiant Garden ones. My bad :P Got no idea how to delete this thread, it's completely pointless unfortunately...
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    How long is the Days film?

    Given that I never played Days in the first place, I was planning on just watching the whole thing from start to finish but does anyone know how long that would be? I heard it was about 3 hours, or is it longer/shorter? Also, if you use the play option, can you save where you are to resume later?
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    Do trophies stack?

    I'm probably going to play through each game more than once anyway (some of those trophies look virtually impossible on Proud), but did the difficulty trophies stack?
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    Hello there!

    I've been on here a few times over the last year or so checking if there was any KH news, but after KH3 got announced the other day I decided I'd finally sign up and wade in with my opinions - looking forward to being a part of this community :)