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  1. Alexxio M.

    Advice/Help ► Arming non Keyblade wielders fic recommendations

    Hi all I’ve been having trouble getting inspiration for a story of mine about non keyblade weilders wanting to help and join their Keyblade wielding friends in battle and obtaining the tools to do that. I was wondering what fics you guys would recommend that fit this description. Sending links...
  2. Alexxio M.

    Advice/Help ► How to do a song fic of a song that isn’t sung in your native language

    Hi everyone I’ve been thinking lately about making some kingdom hearts songfics based on some anime openings and endings but since I don’t speak Japanese and I’m putting the fic under the English language tab on Ao3 since that’s what the notes and character names are going be on I’m kinda lost...
  3. Alexxio M.

    Fanfiction ► The Guardian Gaidens Scala and Wayfinder gang series draft feedback and project report

    Hi everyone I’ve been having fun writing about the union cross gang on ao3 recently and started an anthology series focusing on them and the wayfinder gang during union cross, remind and melody of memory heavily linked to my other fanfic series the gaurdian chronicles. Kinda making it a midquel...
  4. Alexxio M.

    Which Final fantasy character do you think is Destiny Islands mayor

    Hi everyone I was making a list of all the known and implied final fantasy characters in kh and noticed that the Destiny islands part of the list was pretty short. Then I remembered that Kairi was adopted by the mayor of Destiny islands and figured that if he or she ever got a reveal he or she...
  5. Alexxio M.

    All the original org xiii members ranked by how mean/manipulative they were to Roxas and or Xion

    Hi everyone I hope this is in the right place. This is purely for fun and some inspiration for some OC’s that I’m making. But I was wondering if you were to rank the original organization members from most manipulative/mean to Roxas and or Xion to least manipulative/mean to Roxas and or Xion...
  6. Alexxio M.

    Help with Tewey final remix secret reports

    Just wanna know can you go back to previous days to get the secret reports. I’m playing the game trial version of the game on switch so it may not work but just wanna see if there’s a solution. Thanks
  7. Alexxio M.

    Fan anniversary dates

    Hi everyone I've been thinking about Kh's 20th anniversary and thought it would be cool to compile all the important fan dates this includes days, weeks or months for certain types of fanfiction, music remix evolutions and character birthdays. I have some dates here. 3/28- sora and the series'...
  8. Alexxio M.

    Advice/Help ► A double feature kh 2nd generation fic and its prequel

    Hi everyone I made a pair of kh 2nd generation fics revolving around two of my OC’s attempting to summon their keyblades for the umptenth and first time. I posted both fics on Ao3 and a link to one of them on a thread about summer writing prompts however even though both feature popular...
  9. Alexxio M.

    Advice/Help ► KH Alternate universe school story recommendations

    Hi everyone I’m looking for inspiration so are there any school au fanfics or comics for kh other than the liverpepper twins comics that you’d recommend particularly ones that have Roxas and Xion in them? Thanks for the help
  10. Alexxio M.

    Advice/Help ► Dialogue troubles

    Hi Everyone lately I’ve been having some dialogue troubles with a fanfic of mine. This dialogue is for Isa for a fanfic which takes place after kh3 revolving around an OC that is his and Axels adopted daughter summoning her keyblade for the first time. I imagine Isa’s relationship with his...
  11. Alexxio M.

    Fanfiction ► The guardian chronicles a kh 2nd generation anthology series

    Hello everyone and welcome to the guardian chronicles forum a kingdom hearts 2nd generation anthology series I‘m making myself focusing on the adventures and milestones of the children of the guardians of light and their friends. But before we can get into these wonderful stories here are some...
  12. Alexxio M.

    FFXV and TWEWY involvement in KH phase 2

    Hi everyone. I’m new to this so bear with me. Just a question nagging at my mind how likely is it that unreality, the introduction to worldlines through Luxu/Xigbar and quadratum in general will lead to Sora and the gaurdians meeting the gangs of both FFXV and the Twewy Franchise (Even if Nomura...