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  1. akupepe

    Favorite Kingdom Hearts lines <3

    "Looks like my summer vacation.. is over" [Roxas, KH2] "Run! Run away!" [Demyx, KH2] "Don't be sad. When you're sad, it makes me sad too" [Chirithy, KHUX] "Who else will I have ice cream with? [Roxas, 368/2 Days] "Thinking of you, wherever you are.." [Kairi, KH2] Donald: "Face it, you're just a...
  2. akupepe

    A Game/Movie about the Master of Masters' Past and Origin

    I would love to see more movies like χ Back Cover! I think Verum Rex's own story plot is mixing things up a little. If it was only KHUX and The Dark Seeker saga, maybe we would get flashbacks in KH4 of MoM's story and about the first Keyblade War. But I think we are getting more Verum Rex plot...
  3. akupepe

    [Headcanon Theory] Possible Explanation of what's inside the Black Box.

    I don't think your theory is too far-fetched. I have been thinking something similar! But I really wonder what Luxu meant by saying that "I guess Ava didn't make it after all". I know what happened in KHUX, but if other Foretellers made it, where is Ava? If she is still on a mission (maybe with...
  4. akupepe

    Spoilers ► Do you think MoM & Foretellers become main villains in the 2nd phase ?

    I also think that we are going to fight them at some point. And maybe they are portrayed as villains at first, but will be released from the darkness when they are defeated? (I really hope they bring back Dandelions from KHUX) I think the main villain is the darkness that lies inside MoM and we...
  5. akupepe

    My theory, What happen to Ava?

    That's a interesting take! I think what happened to Ava that she in on her own mission which might be connected her Dandelions (where Skuld is etc) and destroying the darknesses that are inside the Foretellers & MoM. Maybe Ava is helping MoM to defeat the darkness and we'll see her in Quadratum?
  6. akupepe

    The Problem with the Master of Masters' Identity Theories

    I don't think MoM will be Sora, or at least I hope so. It's kind of predictable if Sora is MoM and I'd like MoM to be a while new character. Also I have trying to get my head around Demyx. His gestures looks like MoM's, but isn't that too obvious or simple to assume that Demyx is MoM just by...
  7. akupepe

    Hi! ♡

    Hi everyone~! I'm Aku, nice to meet you! I have been lurking in KHinsider for YEARS, but I'm not sure why I haven't registered on the forums before. I have been fan of the series since the first Kingdom Hearts and I still remember when I first saw KH commercial on TV and Simple and Clean was...