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  1. KingdomShell

    My Ideas/Concepts for a 101 Dalmatian Street World in a Future KH Title

    INTRODUCTION: Top of me shell to ya, matties! So sorry for the months long inactivity on the KHInsider forum. But I had SO many errands/plans involved with my imaginary pet Danuki Dalmatian Troopa. (He runs a twitter account Danuki's Dalmatian Studio under the name Cutekoopa1). So, for many...
  2. KingdomShell

    Cartoon/TV ► 101 Dalmatian Street

    Ey, lads! Today, I'm here to discuss an obscure Disney animated TV series that very few people have heard about. That's right I'm talking about a classic Disney IP repurposed to fit the modern audience. Ladies, gents, and shells, 101 Dalmatian Street...
  3. KingdomShell

    Ey, Lads! This is KingdomShell reporting in!

    Top of me shell to ya, laddies! My name is KingdomShell hailing straight from the world of Youtube (My YouTube username is Cutekoopa), and although my account is not exactly Kingdom Hearts related, that don't mean I'm no fan of Kingdom Hearts, in fact I LOVE the franchise. I'm a fan of a obscure...