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  1. playmaker0320

    If You Could Weild a Keyblade, Which One(s), How, and Why?

    As an example I'll go first: I'd dual wield the Redemption and Starlight. As for the style, I imagine myself fighting like Kirito in Sword Art Online, when he first gets his dual wield skill. Redemption: Starlight:
  2. playmaker0320

    My Kingdom Hearts Fighting Style

    My idea is to fight like Roxas does with the Kingdom Key at the beginning of KH2, but with the Starlight Keyblade.
  3. playmaker0320

    Hello? Anyone? Anyone in the World?

    Hey guys, how's it going.
  4. playmaker0320

    Astroblast Keyblade Design (and fanfiction notice!)

    Read my Kingdom Hearts story @ https://www.wattpad.com/story/269115124-kingdom-hearts-fanfiction-w-reader-insert You may have to copy and paste the link into the search engine/browser. Also, here's my Astroblast keyblade design.
  5. playmaker0320

    Linkslayer Keyblade

    I made this one of Microsoft Paint, so it's not the best quality. It's called Linkslayer. ATK: 5 DEF: 5 Effect: Increases combo damage for the whole party. Limit Command: LINK Burst Form: Accesscode Talker (If strong-willed (level 10 or higher), the user can use two shotlocks or two Limit...