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  1. DraceEmpressa

    News ► Twisted Wonderland Have Come To The US

    Twisted Wonderland, a game developed by Aniplex and licensed by Disney Japan have come to the US at 20 January 2022 when it was released two years ago in 18 March in Japan. WIth Yana Toboso filling in quite the number of creative position of the game (namely, concept writer, scriptwriter...
  2. DraceEmpressa

    The identity of the Darkling on the KH3 Boxart (And their possible role)

    This discussion haven't brought here yet, so here I ask for it here.
  3. DraceEmpressa

    Spoilers ► Where is Terra?

    Spoilers for BBS (but I think everyone knows MX stole Terra's body at the end of BBS, later Terranort becomes Ansem's apprentice and then become Xehanort's Heartless and Xemnas) Defeating both one's Heartless and Nobody is supposed to allow the Somebody to be recompleted. Sora did defeat both...