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  1. Absent

    It's ok to let go.

    I must preface this by saying that I needed to write this quickly without much thought. I had to feel this out. I couldn't hold on to this for long, or else it would become something else. My thoughts might read as contradicting or incoherent but I had to get them out. Hopefully some of y'all...
  2. Absent

    Film ► The Batman ?0?1

    Cast Robert Pattinson as The Batman Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle Colin Farrell as the Penguin Paul Dano as the Riddler Jeffrey Wright as Commisioner Gordon This movie is more focused on the Rogues Gallery and happens on Batman's second year. The planned HBO series will be connected to this...
  3. Absent

    Fanfiction ► Re:Write an iconic media moment with KH

    You ever see or read something and wonder how that would play out if it occurred in Kingdom Hearts instead? The other day I was rewatching Revenge of the Sith and I couldn't help but imagine seeing Riku and Maleficent in that iconic opera scene. I took it upon myself to translate that scene to...
  4. Absent

    Ways to faithfully implement Star Wars in KH?

    Last night as I was working on my shift, me and my coworker were thinking of ways to add Star Wars into KH. The thing is we were thinking about it from Lucasfilm's Story Group perspective. How can you put Canon SW into Kh without messing with it at the risk of making it Legends. Funny thing is...
  5. Absent

    Favorite "Obscure" lines in the Series?

    Now emphasis on obscure. When I think of obscure I think of the following. Lines spoken in Disney Worlds NPCs Hidden dialogue text, not voiced side characters Anything that didn't make it to the Days and Re:Coded movie Battle quotes Journal/Report/Diary entries "Thunder, light and...
  6. Absent

    Pocket Dream Monsters

    If Dream Eaters had Pokemon types/moves what would they be? I'll start: Meow Wow: Normal or Fairy Ability: Adaptability Moves: Bounce Body Slam Baby-Doll Eyes Dazzling Gleam
  7. Absent

    Cheshire's Corner

    A little game inspired by Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular at Disneyworld....And the Cheshire Cat. Without spoiling too much, a certain evil fairy summons other famous Disney Villains for a party through clever poems. The rules for the game are simple: Guess who the poem/riddle is about If...
  8. Absent

    The Underworld's Mirage Flick Games

    Underworld’s Mirage Flick Games *** Welcome one and all to the Underworld’s Mirage Flick Games! The tournament where all Kingdom Hearts characters of different alignments come together to find out who is worthy for the title of King/Queen of Kingdom Hearts! This tournament is divided into 4...
  9. Absent

    Fanfiction ► Pokémon βeta Version: V2

    Hello and welcome to the continuation of Pokémon βeta Version! It took a while but with college and all that jazz I decided to hold the story and focus on my studies. Luckily now I have some spare to dedicate to this story. Chapter 17: Trainer Infi “Now accessing Sector Route 5.” Announced...
  10. Absent

    TV ► Over the Garden Wall

    I've finished watching up to chapter 4 of Over the Garden Wall and I must say this show is so delightfully mysterious! The atmosphere, design and the characters are nice to watch. The music complements the atmosphere perfectly. The Beast was finally revealed alongside the potential overall plot...
  11. Absent

    Fanfiction ► Pokémon βeta Version

    Hello everyone I want to share my work from one of my most favorite franchises: Pokémon ! I wanted to create a fanfiction that explores the idea of Pokemon creating an online experience for everyone and the fictional circumstances that the developers, players AND programs will encounter. I am...
  12. Absent

    Maleficent's Voice

    I started a new file in 1.5 and noticed something that caught me off guard. The scene with Jafar and Maleficent in Agrabah. When they started talking I noticed that Maleficent sounded as if she were in an enclosed area with echo, but Jafar spoke normally, without the eerie echo. I watched some...