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    Going away for a teeny bit

    Hi! This is basically just a little thread to let people know that I won't be on the forum for a while. I'm going overseas for two weeks, and there won't be any time to go online, or any access to the site xD I'm leaving on Tuesday (the 20th) and coming back two weeks later (Feb 3rd). So yeah...
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    Ice Cream!

    Got a favourite? ^__^
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    Man wants to marry comic-book character [An Actual News Story]

    *note: I wasn't sure whether this belonged in the anime/manga section, but i thought the topic could spread into other areas, so yeah!* I found a rather random news article the other day, and thought I should share it with the world xD Man wants to marry comic-book character <<< link Yes...
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    Random Pictures and the like

    Hi! *waves* Sorry for such the long wait... because of things like school and stuff, I haven't really been able to do much drawing. And also, the new thread *ta-dah* because I haven't submitted anything in a while.. and the old thread was almost going to be closed due to spam. So, um, no...
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    Like it? ~ Chibi Demyx

    *CHIBI AXEL SUBMITTED 28/3/08* *CHIBI XALDIN SUBMITTED 23/3/08* *CHIBI ZEXION SUBMITTED 16/3/08* *CHIBI ROXAS SUBMITTED 15/3/08* ~Elorah's Art Thread~ Amateur Works :3 Hehe well one day i was feeling really random so I decided to draw chibi demyx with bling... don't know why ^_^ But here...
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    *Happy Birthday Sonja~Soulheart!* :3

    Well, it's not actually until tomorrow (March 7), but hey! It's a very exciting subject! xD From me and hopefully, loads of other KHI members, Happy Birthday, Sonja~Soulheart! :D Hope you have an awesome day! *huggles*
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    Sports Days

    Seeing that it's my school's sports day tomorrow, and I know a whole lot of random, hilarious things are bound to happen, I was wondering... Has anything particularly funny happened at a sports day of yours? For example, at a swimming carnival a while ago, one of the houses themes was fairies...
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    ~ Happy Birthday SeaSalt IceCream! ^_^

    Well, as the title intends.. it's SeaSalt IceCream's 15th Birthday tomorrow! (February 18) So i made her a thread so we can all give her our best wishes :thumbup: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEASALT!!!! <:3
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    Fanfiction ► ~ Good Day, Mary-Sue ~

    NOW COMPLETE! AS OF MAY 30 2008 Hi Everybody! It appears I have a fanfic! A parodysue fic about what our much-loved Mary-Sue *cough* thinks about when she realizes she's beginning to lose her cool... *smirk* Yes, It is the first one I've posted on KHI and the only attempt I feel slightly...
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    It's Elorah's B-day!

    Ello ello! I know I've only been on for two short months... but I just wanted to let everyone know that it's my birthday tomorrow! (feb 10) hehe I'm gonna be 15! *cheesy grin*:thumbsup: And to say hi to all my super amazing friends, who are all awesome ^_^
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    Hi, I'm new!

    Hi I'm Elorah and I love Kingdom Hearts (no duh). I really like humour/parody stuff and I hope that I can find lots of awesome buddies on the forum :blush: so ... hi (I'm a little bit shy ...)