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  1. Absent

    It's ok to let go.

    I’m glad and thankful I could connect to others with my feelings. Obviously it won’t be easy and perhaps it might take a long time to reconcile these feelings but it’s fine. Eventually the pieces fall into place.
  2. Absent

    It's ok to let go.

    I must preface this by saying that I needed to write this quickly without much thought. I had to feel this out. I couldn't hold on to this for long, or else it would become something else. My thoughts might read as contradicting or incoherent but I had to get them out. Hopefully some of y'all...
  3. Absent

    A Look Back: KH2 Ultimania, Nojima Interview

    The bit with the wife and Port Royal got a chuckle outta me.
  4. Absent

    Which Keyblade armor is your favorite among the Wayfinder trio?

    Terra’s because it um it has a good nice big personality. You know like it assentuates, I mean accentuates his power. You know it’s…nice/
  5. Absent

    Star Wars - Visions coming September 22

    Well this has been an eventful week for SW! I'm loving Kenobi so far. The trailers for Bad Batch S2 and Andor have amazing editing, so I'm sold.
  6. Absent


    What a blast from the past. Damn I think I qualify for senior discount cause I vividly remember this.
  7. Absent

    Riku's Station of Awakening

    Copyright for the win! As far as I’m concerned the Smash station is the canon one.
  8. Absent

    KH Shower Thoughts

    I always found it odd how the Keyblade of Hearts in 1 was made from 6 Princesses of Heart, which possess pure hearts of light, but the blade unlocks Hearts and the Darkness. Now with the 7 vs 13, I would imagine a Keyblade forged with the New Seven Hearts would have purifying effects instead.
  9. Absent

    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    I wouldn’t pay much attention to it, they go back and forth with Pokémon distributions and bend the lore to explain it.
  10. Absent

    KH4 Star Wars Speculation: Only the Forest Moon of Endor?

    Justice for Jacen! Who’s idea was it to give him vomit hair?!
  11. Absent

    Star Wars - Visions coming September 22

    “Like you trained his father?” Ouchie ouch.
  12. Absent

    KH4 Star Wars Speculation: Only the Forest Moon of Endor?

    Definitely a theme that uses the Imperial March and hints of the Last Duel since it’s the iconic duel of ROTJ.
  13. Absent

    KH4 Star Wars Speculation: Only the Forest Moon of Endor?

    Wow the editing is amazing. Anakin unlocking Youngling Slayer and Obi getting High Ground as Bonuses killed me. The Corey Burton is the perfect Dooku VA.
  14. Absent

    Nomura discusses Kingdom Hearts 4, Missing-Link, and Dark Road in extended Famitsu interview

    Me reading this interview thinking about the awesome and solid world building in Kingdom Hearts 1 turn to this. .
  15. Absent

    Politics Florida governor just screwed over Disney as punishment for being "woke"

    I’m mixed. I’m glad Disney is paying more taxes but I’m mad behind the intent. It’s not about the Governor doing the right thing, it’s all about pettiness.
  16. Absent

    KH4 Star Wars Speculation: Only the Forest Moon of Endor?

    Who? Square or Lucasfilm? SW Celebrations is in late May so I doubt it.