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  1. :::A Hex Torn:::

    [Request] 4K Screenshots

    I have a bit of a request for anyone who might be willing. If anyone is on PS4 Pro in 4k (or XBox One S?) and has beaten the game, would you be able to take a few 4k PNG screenshots? I'm basically looking for the character pages for certain characters to have a nice clean image of their models...
  2. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Looking For KH Ultimania Books

    Hey folks, I'm here looking for some information that I'm hoping someone will be able to help me with. I really want to get my hands on a copy of a Kingdom Hearts Ultimania book or perhaps an artbook, but not quite sure what direction to turn, both in terms of which book and where I could buy...
  3. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Gift from Pongo and Perdita *wink*

    So... Leon's totally the one giving you these gifts, right? I doubt a couple of non-anthropomorphic dogs could obtain all these items and abilities, let alone wrap them up. But Leon - he has shown an interest in the puppies, and he has a pair of thumbs. For me, it's headcanon that he visits the...
  4. :::A Hex Torn:::

    File Ripping

    Hey folks, I've been looking for art assets from either Kingdom Hearts X or Unchained X. Namely, world art. Backgrounds in all their different layers. I know the front page has an archive of images, but all the layers are flattened together and I'd love to have them separate. It's mainly a...
  5. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Connection Error Issue - Worse Every Day

    Hey folks, been playing the game like crazy. It has surprised me how much I've enjoyed it. Feels like the good old days where I didn't question if I had outgrown the series. Now, I would have an issues with some of the balancing and time-based regeneration, but seeing as it's a free to play...
  6. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Donald Duck Has Some Ideas On What To Do With Kingdom Haters

    Seems a little harsh, no? VIEWRZ: Dat Dere Donald Duck
  7. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Fan Mock-up of Kingdom Hearts Animated Television Show

    Hey guys, I just wanted to share a picture I put together that shows how I'd love a Kingdom hearts animated show or movie to look. Inspired by the pilot storyboards by Seth Kearsley. I used early KH1 concept for the linework on Sora and Kairi and multiple bits of background art from Lilo &...
  8. :::A Hex Torn:::

    A Little Confusion Regarding Bodies Devoid of Hearts

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've posted a thread, but I'm currently working on a story in the Kingdom Hearts universe and there are a few things that I'm trying to clear up in order to make that easier. Firstly, regarding Nobodies: I was always under the impression that they are "empty...
  9. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Kingdom Hearts III Nomura Interview in October?

    I'm not too good with reading Japanese, but it looks like we can expect a PS4 Conversations With Creators interview with Tetsuya Nomura on the topic of Kingdom Hearts III in October! If anyone can translate that'd be great! FF-Reunion - PS4「Conversations with Creators」に野村哲也氏インタビュー第2弾「KH3」掲載!10月公開予定
  10. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Went And Saw Distant Worlds Concert!

    Hey all! I just came back from the Distant Worlds Final Fantasy concert in Kitchener, Ontario! It was absolutely amazing! Did anyone else here go? I was in seat 132b on the Mezzanine.
  11. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Kingdom Hearts Ends of Echoes - Concept Trailer

    Hey, I just put together a concept trailer for the game I'm working on, Kingdom Hearts Ends of Echoes. Check it out! z4tOS8H2ZwI?hd=1
  12. :::A Hex Torn:::

    HQ Kingdom Heart 3D Famitsu Screenshots

    Hey guys! High quality screens are now out! Kingdom Hearts 3D: Pinocchio and Hunchback Stages -- Andriasang.com
  13. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Why those in KH3D know Sora

    There's a big chance this has been brought up before, but I'll say it anyway. The reason people already know Sora (like Neku) is because they have already met him. Sora was asleep for a year after the events of Chain of Memories, so he has probably already visited the "world enclosed in sleep"...
  14. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Can anyone name this BBS font?

    I'm starting my own Kingdom Hearts Fan Game project. I was wondering if anyone knows the name of the font used in the Birth By Sleep cutscene subtitles? If anyone knows, it'd be a big help. Thanks! :)
  15. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Dumb Question, But Do We Know Who Plays Terra Yet?

    I still don't think I ever found out who it was that plays Terra in the English game. Can anyone clear that up for me?
  16. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Takin' it higher and higher

  17. :::A Hex Torn:::

    What's Your Favorite Button On The Keyboard?

    Mine would have to be... Ctrl or maybe... Print Screen
  18. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Raise your hand if you can shake your eyeballs!

    DON'T JUDGE ME! I'M TIRED! But I can do it, can any of you?
  19. :::A Hex Torn:::

    Pete's Dragon, Toy Story, Lady and the Tramp, Arthur's Perfect Christmas...

    Looking through child's movies and imagining that they're pornos is some of the best fun you can ever have. Try it.
  20. :::A Hex Torn:::

    I know I can hunt...

    ...But can Mike hunt? ____________________